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DB Boat Build - Updated 4/13/09

I thought I'd throw up some pictures of my boat build. I am not to far along but working on it as time permits.

Setting up my scarf cut for the side panels.

Finished scarf cut.

Side Panels cut.

One side panel ready to be epoxied and fiberglassed.

One side panel epoxied/fiberglassed and finished (inside)

Hopefully I'll get some more done over the long weekend.


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Looks like a MRB Honky Dory? Nice looking scarfs - I used the scarfing jig, too, but mine didn't come out nearly as nice. I ended up having to lay it all out and finish by hand. Good luck finishing it up.


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Yep it is the Honky Dory. I going to "attempt" an interior layout somewhat similar to Montana Boatbuilder's works of art.



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Nice start

I spent a lot of time trying to make a scarffing jig for the router for 10:1 joints. I gave up, could never get it accurate enough. I mark out parallel lines every 1/2" and carve away with a power plane.


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Instead of starting a new thread I'll throw up some more pics of the progress...

First two temporary frames installed.

All 8 temporary frames installed.

Hopefully over the long weekend I'll get the whole hull put together.

Man those temp ribs look familiar! Glad to see you've been able to put them to good use. The progression looks great, keep the pics coming, cant wait to see the boat come together.

How about some new pics showing the progress. I am 90% completed with my DB, waiting on the cold spell to snap so I can go back to work. With any luck I might be done by March.


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It only took about a year to put the ribs to use! The boat pretty much sits like the last set of pictures. Been busy traveling and getting ready for the holidays...hopefully the temps will warm up enough that my garage heater will be able to keep up. It was 22 below zero this morning and has since warmed up to a balmy 12 below.

Sweet. I just took my boat out of storage yesterday (it was in a nice, dry garage in McAllister all winter) and floated the Lower Mad on the way home. Felt good to get back behind the oars and catch a few fish from something besides the bank.

You gonna get that this christened before run off? Maybe for the Caddis?


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That's the goal to christen it during the caddis hatch...good to hear somebody had some luck on the lower maddy as of late. It hasn't shown me much love the last couple of times out.