6 Weight DS2

Another thing to remember is that this rod being a 4piece is going to make it even slower than other DS2s.

With low end rods where special engineering doesn't always go into the ferrules for cost reasons, multiple pieces can make the rod much slower.

I like the DS2 series as long as it is the 2piece variety.

The 4pieces I have cast are too slow for me and I would def. spend time finding the right line.

Sorry for not being much of any help :) Just some things to consider.


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I'm not sure that Sage makes a rod these days with a comparible action to the DS2. That's a bit of a shame.

If you like the DS2, you might consider a used one. There are a million of them out there. After 'The Movie' that was the recommended first rod for a whole generation of would-be fly fishers. I bet more than half of them got used 3 times then put in a closet. I see them on Ebay and Craigslist all the time.

Tim Cottage

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was thinking just a Rio Trout taper in 6 should cover it?
Rio Trout taper will be just fine. The DS2 is a nice easy casting all around rod. It is not terribly particular about lines so whatever line you usually like will work well on the DS.

I recently bought Rio's most recent iteration of the Trout Taper. The Trout Taper II. Its a really nice line. I am using a WT forward on post WWII South Bend. It is a slow but powerful rod and the Trout II is a good fit.

The Wt forward has the built in loop at the lines end. The DT does not, as many people cut back the end of a DT for improved turnover with heavy or wind resistant flies and their associated stiffer leaders.

I suspect the Trout taper might be a tad heavy but I have not weighed it. A 5wt feels more like a 5.5wt.