Favorite Fly Tying Beverage

I suggest you make a trip to Bottle Works if you are not familiar.Here you will find 10% and higher.Almost any beer from around the world your heart desires.This beer mecca lies in wallingford about a mile from the UW.
I just made some new brew. I have a nice crisp summer rye that I really like when it is hot outside. At the insistance of my oldest son, we revamped the hop schedule for the boil and amped up the alcohol content to 7+. We layered Centennial , Cascade, Fuggles, and good old skunky Chinook hops. We backed all of this up by dry hopping with some Cascade hops. Upon first tasting at transfer time it is very, very tasty. Can't wait until we get it in the bottles and it carbonates. RyePA will lead to some very nice new flies.:thumb:


work is for people who dont know how to fish
some interesting posts haha

some caribou lou works for me
151 rum,malibu coconut rum, and pinneapple juice