Camping at Nunally?

Is there any? Is it possible at all. I would like to camp one night after a day of fishing, and then hit the lake in the morning. Has anyone ever camped there? Thanks for any advice. Hdrew


Another Flyfisherman
I camped a little further up the road at Lenice last weekend. There is camping all along the Lower Crab Creek Road, all the way up to Lenice. Its basically road side. (Very Comparable to camping at the parking lot at Rocky Ford) When I was at Lenice, there were signs posted for "NO FIRES." That pretty much sucked, but what can ya do. The Fishing last weekend was slow on Lenice. 3 fish for 2 full days on the water. Weather was great though. Good Luck and let us know how you fare. J:thumb
Sure there is. It's what is called in the books "primative" camping. I've camped many times in the Nunnally lot (1st one you come to). Lots of guys take campers, but I've always tent camped. Just don't leave your tent up during the day while you're at the lake. To much chance of your stuff getting messed with.