First SRC attempt


I'm attempting SRC's for the first time today somewhere near the Tacoma area. Don't worry, not asking for spots (although if any would be so kind as to share, it definatly would be much appreciated). Just curious if it is year-round fishing, would I be wasting my time or are there moving fish in the area around this time of year?

I'm thinking pink and chartreuse clousers is all I have worth trying. Can you use buggers or leeches?



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I would use a light olive colored baitfish if you have anything close. There are a lot of sandlance around.
otherwise the clousers or buggers you have will suffice. you should be out there now for this outgoing tide.

Tom Johnston

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6X did you fish the salt today? I was down under the Narrows bridge today and yesterday. Nothing for me, one strike and that was it. Saw a ton of bait fish everywhere. When the tide was coming back in there were alot of fish hitting surface of water all out in front of me. I assume they were SRC's.


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To answer one of your questions: yes, sea-run cutthroat are available in salt water all year round. I'll qualify that by saying late spring, summer and fall is the period when you'll find the largest numbers of fish. Cutthroat are spring spawners and enter the rivers and creeks anywhere from July to November, and even later, to eventually spawn (March is the peak spawning month though some may do so as early as January or as late as June). The spawning period is spread over such a long period that some fish may have already spawned and returned to salt water while others have not yet done so.

I would suggest purchasing a copy of Les Johnson's Fly-Fishing for Coastal Cutthroat Trout. It will not only give you a lot of information on fishing for cutthroat, in salt water and fresh, but will help you to understand the life cycle of the coastal cutthroat which is essential to becoming a competent sea-run cutthroat angler.