Another human foot washes ashore. What's your theory

it shouldn't be very hard for the authorities to figure out where it came from. The dudes that goes to the hospital with a bloody stump "without the foot" for help should determine whos who. They report stuff like this to the police.
The best part of the news story was that the cops are still determining if the feet are all part of a related incident or are seperate incidents.
They have a pretty good idea............ But dont want to guess prematurely. Nothing like adressing the public incorrectly and being left with FOOT IN MOUTH? :rofl:
Well I have questions about this too, IMO mine are a little more on the practical side...

Wonder if the fish are starting to key in on the Nike hatch?

What size hook for a size 12 sneaker? Hm... (rummages through boxes of materials looking for a good color match for a Nike swoosh)

Too soon? :D