Yakima - Upper Canyon - 11/09/01

Chris Scoones

Staff member
Been fishing the Yak for years but today was a 'different' day. This morning the plan was for chum but my partner fell through and hitting the Yak was the backup. Already had my gear ready so got my Dad out of his plans for the day and headed East.

Stopped by the Ringer put in to take a look. Fish were a rising everywhere, didn't plan on it but we were staying there.

Threw on the gear, put together the rod, reached for the reel. No reel. Where the ...., look in there, no, look in there, nope, damn. My dad brought along an ah, err, an extra 'reel' I guess you would call it. It had line (minus backing) so what the heck. So my G. Loomis GLX was shooting old wrong weight line held by an all plastic, 100 decibel clicking reel. So what, I'm game.

We were on the water by 1PM. Blue wing's were as well. Tied on a size 14 dry and dropped an 18 emerger. They rose to the dry only so I happily removed the dropper which was a little difficult keep untangled as the rod wasn't loading up.

Six fish in a small feeding lane were rolling in an active, predictable pattern. Three had some size, was able to land one of them. A 17 inch footfall of a bow. Told the fish she was very pretty but needed to loose some weight over the winter. My wife's a couple months out from having our second so everybody and everything outside of home gets the blunt me as a release before I head back home. ;)

Managed a few more of moderate size as did my Dad. About then I realized I was as cold as a Taliban cave after the women had run off to Pakistan. Got out for a bit and talked with a very nice angler, think I amused him a bit with all the shaking I was doing. Still shaking, went back in and down to find my dad. Fell in, twice.

Bought a new Subaru a couple weeks back. Found the heated seats to be nice. Heading back West my butt thawed out just outside of Ellensburg when before I'm sure it would have taken till Cle Elum.