flies vs spey flies

could anyone tell me why spey flies look so colorful and decorative when the small flies that small weight rods use look like an imitation of insects.etc. do the spey flies imitate bait? what? they are beautiful! just kinda lost here... bhudda

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member

Most of the original spey flies (from some reading) where more earth toned in colors. But, most of the spey flies nowadays are more steelhead flies (when the originals were Atlantic Salmon flies). Most steelhead/salmon flies usually don't imitate much of anything (except in salt/saltflux where you want some sort of bait imitation). I tie up a variety of speys. None really imitate anything. Just look cool. ;) It's more of a curiosity thing with them for the fish IMHO. They come after it to check it out. Some of the spey hackles may imitate some sort of threat response in the water, and could produce a strike that way as well. Not sure anyone will ever really figure out an exact response to that one. But I agree, they are beautiful. Just a standard salmon/steelhead fly. Not meant to imitate anything, made more to aggravate, strike curiosity. Not sure if anyone has used a smaller spey for trout. Anyone? I know they tie up some smaller one's for atlantics. I know I've done a couple international fly swaps, and almost ALL the UK flies for salmon are on size 6 and 8's. Have no real answer though. Sorry.


thank you anyways Stealheader69! i was curious because most of my first flies looked like spey flies on size 10 hooks!:+ no wonder they didnt work, haha. i like to tie those spey flies for almost an "art thing" they are very nice to give to friends in shadow boxes for their desks or? etc. we should have like a swap for mini spey flies on tiny hooks eh... id dig that. may be ill start a thread hmm.. would you be interested? hey, have a great weekend man , im going fishin'-later bhudda