Whidbey Steelhead...

I have heard that there are steelhead to be had at Bush point and the usuual salmon haunts on Whidbey. When does this run peak normally, and what patterns work well? Bush Point or Admiralty, or other? Any advice would be appreciated!
Bush, Lagoon, Fort Casey, all the suspected places, pretty much the same deal as the coho, minus the fish. As I understand it, the blush is kind of off the rose on this one. I think the glory days were back when the massive hatchery runs were going into the Skagit. People do still catch fish though. Dec-Jan I think, though now you'd probably do well to check it out a little later too for the natives (if it's open).
I don't know about patterns, but the gear guys use hootchies in pink, orange, chartreuse, so I would think big marabous would probably work, or other prawn/squid patterns. The bait-casters use a lot of lead to get down, so you might want a sinking line (even a little lead on the fly) and try an erratic, jigging retrieve.


Be the guide...
While I don't have first hand experience with this fishery, I've hear that the fish will often be right off the beach in 2 to 4 ft of water. Also, just keep in mind that the steelies are starting to show in the rivers right now, and they all (or most?) have to pass through that area. So they should be there now and probably peak in Dec.


have you ever heard of anybody trolling for them before, or what tides seem to have the most action, thanks Ben