Fish Lake (Nofish Lake!)

Ok ok, I know, i've caught fish here before.

Fish lake, in Cheney that is.

I've caught a nice tiger and a nice brookie from the fishing pier, with ice fishing jigs!

But now that I have a float, i've been all over that lake at i'm getting skunked, now for the third day out.

I don't know what i'm doing, my guess is the fish are holding deep, especially in the warm weather.

I've been using everything in the box with all presentations:

- Wolly and dub bugs.
- Bead head midge patterns, whole bunch of colors.
- Nymphs, prince, to pheasant tails.
- Dry flies in the middle of the lake too, right after rises..still nothing.

I can't match the hatch cause there's no hatch!!

Anyone got any techniques or patterns I should tie?

Thanks for the help, i'm from Wisconsin so this no spring small order stream thing is killing me!

Go deep in the deepest part of the lake. Use big nymphs, leeches or wooley buggers. Try to stay near the bottom in the deepest part of the lake. Troll or retrieve very, very, slowly. That should get you a few fish. I like a dragon fly nymph.

Don't feel bad, that Fish lake is not the only Fish lake to be (No Fish lake)
I took my cousins grandson up to Fish lake (near Lake Wenatchee) on Saturday afternoon and almost got skunked. Only caught one.
The alge bloom was starting to get bad, the water temp was 68 to 70 degrees.
The osprey were knocking'em dead. I think they were catching perch near the weeds.
Sometime you catch the fish, sometimes you don't.
It's gettin' hot. If you want to catch a few trout to eat, get your flies down to the thermocline (20-30'). With surface temps over 70 F, catch and release isn't a great option.

Otherwise, think about going to lakes at higher elevation. Or target warmwater fish. Lots of bass to catch in your area.

good fishing

Thanks for the help all,

I tied a few larger adult dragonfly patterns but no nymphs yet. might be a good option to get it deep with a large pattern thanks for the help.
Right now I'd put timing ahead of everything else, including fly selection and where fished. Given it's Jun/Jul and our hot weather, I'd fish either real early or real late, preferably the latter...if Fish Lk has no daylight regs I'd hit it hard about 9pm and stay at it till you can't see, maybe longer if you have company. Summer dusk/night is like elevation...most won't bother regardless of the jackpot...and that's one of my favorite facts of life when it comes to fishing. Good luck!
My Father use to live in Cheney. I have fished most of the lakes in that area. Going deep with a dragon fly nymph was always a winner in the summer. In the evening you can use dries.

Well went out for 6 hours this morning... kind've sad if you think about it.

Trolled for 4 hours plus with a size 12 dragonfly nymph down about 15 feet... nada

I bought some crappy salmon eggs from bi-mart. I know it's blasphemy, but I got one 12 inch tiger about 15 feet down.

Saw two other guys trolling for about the same amount of time as me and both limited out. Don't know what they were using they got out before me.

I'm at the point where the fly pole may have to lay down for awhile until the hatch.

Going out tomorrow i'll get this lake thing down soon.

Fish 20 feet off the lilly pads near the center of the lake. I prefer using brown lake special or some sort of chartuse/olive streamer followed by an olive (partridge) soft hackle. find the speed the fish want and stay deep.
Thanks Dustin,

I went out this morning and caught some on eggs, no fly rod. The trolling motor battery died on me in about an hour, i'm charging it up now so i'll tie some of those specials and streamers up tonight and hit it hard again tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip, if you're out there tomorrow look for the redneck in a 8ft raft with a plywood rig for the motor.

My best shot at it would use a streamer that looks like a bluegill... i've been watching the tiger trout and brookies in there from the dock and found that they basicly only eat the sunfish. my best guess would be that in the evening, (around 5-9 o' clock). Or, try a bug in the evening at the same times because i see trout jumping for bugs on the surface. Also, i hear you can get them to bite on wooly buggers, muisquito 16, royal coatchman, bees, and trolling with a carey special. Try some of those about 30 feet out from shore in a float tube. Tiger trout will bite in the heat too. They have grown used to the heat because there main food source, sunfish, hang out at surface level. for brookies, i would suggest trolling about 30 feet deep because they like the colder, deeper water. well i hope that will work for ya!
Oh wait, i almost forgot... i've also caught fish there year round on the flies to so thats what i would suggest. good luck and tight lines

Edit: Never mind!!! I went fishing there today and did a lot of casting! Used everything in the box... all i caught were 2 sunfish on an elkhair caddis!