California Small Creek

Fished a small mid elevation creek today. The area around us was just starting to clear the smoke from all the fires we've been having. I caught and landed 55 rainbows from about 2 miles of this creek. My buddy caught far more than me. Most were between 5"-7" with a few going 9"-11" or so. All were caught on #14-#16 stimulators, but I think anything floating would have drawn a rise. Was quite a trip.


The Creek.

One on the hook.

Nuther wild one to hand.

Buddy with one.

Biggest pool on creek. Gave up 4 fish.

Average rainbow caught.

Stalking the trout.

Handling the fish.

Buddy working it.

Pretty plunge pool.
Nice report. Am a big small stream fan. This stream reminds me of Taneum Creek on the East slope of the Cascades. Grew up with a trout stream (Kelsey creek) in my backyard. I fished most of the creeks in southwest Wisconsin while getting my MBA.
Thanks for the kind words. Love that creek and the other lil ones close by. You can have the big rivers. The camera I used is an older Nikon Coolpix 5200. 5 mega pixel. It does a pretty decent job.

Thanks Gary. This creek is the size I was expecting when I planned on fishing Icicle Creek up in your neck of the woods last year? Our creeks run a wee bit smaller than the creeks up north and our scenery isn't as pretty.

Welcome to the world of mykiss nelsoni note the parr marks and dark lateral line across the eye if you cheched the pallet the may even had basilbranckial teeth. I have seen these fish get quite large in small streams and are the true natives down there
Gorgeous country! Could this be the identical stream I where I got in dangerous trouble last Saturday, caught between the huge plants and the boulders, and had to be evacuated? I would appreciate knowing, and if you prefer to send a private email, you can reach me at
Many thanks,