Access to an Oly area lake

Years ago my Dad and I fished a small lake near Oly called Pittman Lake located off the McKorckle Rd. We had permission from an amiable property owner for access. Most of the property has changed hands and I have no idea how to get in there now. If anyone knows about this lake and how to access it please contact me via pm.


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40 years ago a friend and I used the ditch that drains into the lake. Parked on McCorkle Road next to where the ditch crosses underneath and put our johnboat in the ditch and poled our way to the lake. Looks kinda' overgrown now, but presumably it's a legal, if not feasible, way to access the lake. If I wanted to fish it now, I'd ask whoever bought the old Pittman farm if I could cross their property for access.

We caught bass and perch. Funny thing about a couple LM bass, we put them in a gunnysack, hauled them in my friends truck to his house, and dumped them in a cattle watering trough after about a 30 to 45 minute boat and truck ride. In about a half hour the darn bass perked up and began swimming around. No kidding.

I know nothing about the lake but had to reply to Salmo.

I have seen dried up, crusty largemouths come back to life after being out of the water for 5 hours.

They are TOUGH.

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i used to fish pittman 15 years ago. Caught some HUGE bass. The best thing to do is ask permission from someone that live near it. If your nice and dont screw around someone should let you on. good luck. let us know how you do.