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A Quick Molokai Repot

Mingo, awesome post. I've never really lusted to go to Hawaii, but you sure sell it. I have moved around so much I really have felt the outsider treatment in many places. Too bad that exists, but I'm a bit protective of my back yard too. Thanks for sharing and maybe some day me an my misses will venture to the islands to check it out too.

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A Quick Molokai Repot

Mingo, That was an awesome report! Loved the great pics.

Does NOT sound as friendly as when i was there in the early 70's. The only negative vibe we got was when a local store owner, wearing a frown, asked us why we wore our hair so long. There were no unfriendly locals on the road from the airport to Halawa Valley, and we hitch hiked. Some large Hawiian mahu's offered us a ride, and we were afraid to refuse. But there was a hippie riding with them who seemed relaxed enough, so we got in. They were friendly, and were living in the valley, so we got a ride down (what was then) the rutted muddy "road" into the valley..

The fishing charter sounded really cool. Love the pics of all those fish. Nice Ulua! Capt. Mike sounded great.

You have sold me on NEVER taking that mule ride. Never! I probably won't go to Molokai again, anyway. We landed on the strip at Kalapaupa in gusty winds in a smaller twin engine Air Molokai plane to drop off another passenger. That runway had a large bump in it back then.

Back in time 40 years and on Oahu, the locals told me that Hammerheads spawn inside the barrier reef out in front of Hawaii Kai. Man that place has changed!

I can understand the fear and loathing of the Molokai residents....who wants to trade that lifestyle for shitty paying hotel/resort jobs? At least their crummy racist attitudes are up front so you know. They will be rude and unfriendly so you won't want to come back.

But they can't throw a damper on the Mingos! No way!:beer2:


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A Quick Molokai Repot

Awesome report as usual Mingo!! Keep them coming!!

I'm going to make sure to do my Montana Trout Bummin' report Mingo style... at the rate I write though it will take me a bit! :clown:

Wish I was into fishing as a kid when I lived in Kaneohoe on Oahu! I used to love snorkeling at Hanama Bay, body surfing and boogie boarding! Good times! :thumb:
A Quick Molokai Repot

great fucking post..........in all of my worldwide dirtball travels i've never run into such an in your face collection of resentment but it was obviously balanced by some moments of goodness.

John Hicks

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A Quick Molokai Repot

Mingo, yet another great report. No one on this board can get me jazzed to fish salt like you can. Father Damien deserves sainthood that is for sure.
A Quick Molokai Repot

We thought about that mule ride, looks like it was a good choice to pass it up!

Most of the locals I talked to there were pretty friendly, but we defintely got our share of stink-eye. I wasn't trying to fish "their" beaches though! Too bad you got kicked off that beach, it looks like you had some calm water. It was windy the whole time I was there and the shallow water was all churned up.

All in all, sounds like a great experience!
A Quick Molokai Repot

My Gawd, Mingo...I have never read a more entertaining, funny, informative & photographically luscious report about anything by anybody, anywhere -- absolutely awsomelyincredible....oh, did I forget, magnificent, as well?

If'n yu ain't yet, ya ottar be thimkin' 'bout doin' dis' heah kinda' stuff fur da livin' mahn!!

One more adjective, okay? Superbly done, amigo!!:thumb::thumb::thumb:


Oh, lest I forget to mention the "other" photographer :D, fine job as well :thumb:!

Okay, gotta quit now, dry mouth 'n all ya know.....:rolleyes: