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Now that the topic of src vs coho has been beaten to a pulp, the bottom line is very clear. Anybody with half a brain knows that the geography for src is different than for coho and so are the hook sizes. If there is any doubt, call WFG and report them because they are stretching the rules and deserve and swift kick in the ass for being the dumbass that they are. There will always be those people that ruin the resources for the rest of us. Like I said, ignorance is no excuse so read the rules and the rest of us that do follow the rules and will help enforce them.


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I understand the intent of your post, but don't agree with your assumptions regarding src and coho habitat.
There are certain beaches that produce good catches of both src's and coho, all on size 6 hooks.
yes there are, but please dont tell you you are fishing for cutts at PnP, or the outside of indian island or a number of other spots. Yes they do overlap, but if you want to stretch the rules, aleast be smart about it.


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I don't stretch the rules if that is what you might be implying.
Once MA 9 opens on the 16th, I hope the only thing getting stretched is my line and hopefully from something larger then a src. :D

Just an FYI, I've been seeing some nice fish in MA 10.

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The rules need to be changed.....
I will not fish for SRC's in waters that are closed to salmon,
however the rules allow me to do so.
If you wont fish for cutts in waters closed to salmon, you are missing a great opportunity. The rules dont need to be changed, the people walking the line should show a little class and not target salmon out of season(which will lead to the laws being changed)
Its all about respecting the intent of the law and the fish.

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Language, its a virus
Hooker, I don't fish for SRC's in closed salmon waters because
I have many more options in the South Sound (out my front door).
I also don't do it because I think it's not kosher.
I;ve got no problem with your POV David. In fact i commend you for it and wish others felt the same way. For many people though it is not realistic to only fish cutts when salmon is open. MAs' 9, 10 and 12 would have a very small window of opportunity to fish cutts compared to what they have now. We might be going that way anyways but it is possible to fish cutts and not catch/target many salmon.


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Why waste your time with all those small, poor fighting searuns in front of your house? :rofl:
I mean that 50 foot walk to the beach has got to be a killer.

The big boys should be home any time now!

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anyways but it is possible to fish cutts and not catch/target many salmon.
How do you do that? I haven't learned that trick of having my fly be specific to one predator species of several that may inhabit the same environment and area and are feeding on the same baitfish . . .