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OK.... I'm being a bit sneaky here. I'm planning a family camping trip that just so happens to be along some decent fishing beaches. Would anyone like to share any ideas, advice, or tips? I'm planning on going the entire third week of August, I'm looking at the Whidbey Island area, I'd like to hit two or three different parks, and I need to keep the rest of the family occupied if I slip away for a couple hours at a time.

My "rough draft" idea is to take the ferry across from Mulkiteo, go on up to Fort Ebey or Fort Casey for a couple days, then cross over to Port Townsend and work my way to Fort Flaggler or a few more days.

All comments and ideas are appreciated... Thanks



Flogging the water, one beach at a time.
No replys? Either the places are no good, or they're so good nobody wants to let the word out.

Thanks to the two who have sent PMs.
OK I'll bite .....

I have fish Ebey and Casey and I would go there with a definite backup plan. Both parks are wide open the Strait of Juan de Fuca (Ebey, more than Casey). This can be good because it's a direct shot at incoming fish, but bad in that a breath of wind coming down the strait makes pretty big surf and winds that are tough on the fly fisher. I have been there on what looked like a nice calm day only to get beaten up by big waves and wind.

If I were going, my backup plan would be to find a spot further south so that you get behind the protection of the Port Townsend penninsula and Marrowstone island.

And ..... of course ..... there is the obvious suggestion that others have probably already given you which is to cross over and fish point no point with the other 10,000 people that have heard of the PNP secret.


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make sure you make reservations on the pt townsend ferry before you head out otherwise you may be sitting on the island for hour after hour. the current ferry boat is tiny and there is only one making the crossing times longer than last summer.


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You can start at Bush Point and fish your way north as far as you want to walk. The people thin out fairly quickly after the first 200 yards. I'm not suggesting you fish next to all the buzz bombers, rather to use this as a starting point as you hunt for packs of silvers.

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You have a good plan. That time of the summer can be a little slow for fishing as the resident fish are gone from this area and the ocean fish are just starting to trickle in. But you will be fishing so that is good.

S. Whidbey State Park is located off Bush Point Rd. You will see this road as you drive north out of Freeland - there are signs to the park. This is less exposed to the wind for the family camping and still an easy drive to Bush Point or Lagoon point for beach fishing. It is also close to Langley and Freeland if your family wants to see a movie or shop at tourist stores.

Ft. Casey, as you know, has excellent beach fishing access and camping - so that could be another stop. Make a reservation on the PT Ferry and cross over and hit Marrowstone Island as you've already planned. Both Flagler and Pt. Wilson at Ft. Warden have excellent beach fishing access. As you cross the bridge onto Marrowstone Island you'll see, down to the right, good fishing locations for Sea Run Cutthroat along "Government Cut". You can access the beach at any of the gravel roads you pass as you enter Indian Island on the way to Marrowstone. Hope this helps and have a great trip.



Flogging the water, one beach at a time.
Everyone... Thanks for all the information. We're definitely going on the trip and I'll let everyone know how the fising goes.