57 years ago today.......

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
. . . some of the flies were king of the waters, queen of the waters, brown hackle peacock, grey hackle peacock and mosqiito.
The mosquito dry is one of my all-time favorites. There are fish in some beaver ponds I hit every year that will pretty much refuse most patterns you throw until you tie on a mosquito. Then it's an absolute frenzy and the fly ends up so chewed it barely resembles what you originally tied on. Even then it still catches fish.

Happy birthday Ive. I've mised you around here.

Good tell Ive, Happy Birthday :thumb: If you think you might be in the Tonasket area this fall for some stillwater let me kmow I'd like to meet up with you.

I had breakfast in Damascus on a sunny May morning a few years ago, on my way to fish Laurel Creek. The little town was full of Ap. Trail hikers and bicyclists, and I was thinking that it would be a good place for a Virginia fly fisher to live.

If my math is right, you're admitting to 70. Congratulations on reaching your three score and ten. (You know that 70 is the new 65, right?)

Randy Lindahl

Paintin' or Fishin'
I enjoyed your story and thank you for it. I wish I had started at an early age but I still have a long time to enjoy this great hobby.
Happy Birthday,


Idiot Savant
Day late and a buck short, as usual...

Happy Birthday Ive! Back then I was still just an itch in the old mans pocket. It wouldn't be until I could buy my own rod and reel that I would fly fish. By then the river had already run through it...and the rest is history.

Glad to hear you're up, mobile, and kickin' butt...maybe we'll get together some day, 'till then, take care.


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Happy Birthday Ive!! Thanks for a great story! I had a blast meeting and fishing with you a few years ago and may just head up your way sometime for an advanced lake course.

Would love to see a picture of the rod you're talking about! I'll just have to Google it and see what I can find. I fixed up my first rod, a hand me down from my dad, a Wright and McGill glass 8wt and enjoy getting it out on the water once in a while.

Anyway, hope you're doing well!

Bill :beer2: