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we had such a great time catching salmon in south barkley sound in june, we are thinking about heading back up in september to explore some additional areas. so the question then becomes, fish out of tofino or ucluelett.

any advice??
I dont have any experience out of ucluelett but I do have some with Tofino. My dad brought the family up there a couple years ago when I was like nine and the first year we went out with Jays charters and we did some bucktailing while we were using the riggers. We caught some fish but it was kind of slim and was said to be an offseason. The next year we went out with weigh west and did the same thing with the bucktailing and the riggers but the fishing still wasnt ideal. The last 2 days we were there we went out in some fly boats and the coho fishing was absolutely horrible. The day before it had been great but we went out and out boat was the only boat to catch a fish. The fishing was the same the next day and we were again the only boat out of five to land a fish. When we went out with Jay's Charters we got to stay in the bottom floor of his house which were better accommadations than where we stayed with weigh west. On the fly boats there was no guide so you did it all yourelf. If you went out on the flyboats and the coho action was really good than it would be extremely fun but the fishing just wasnt good enough. Weigh West is definitely more fly friendly but I know nothing of what ucluelett has to offer.

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Been a few years since I've been to Tofino, but Clayoquot Sound has a ton of fly-fishy spots. I was always satisfied staying at WeighWest, either as a private boat, or doing their flyfishing program. I kinda lost enthusiasm after a couple of really tough trips (early September) about 4 years ago, but it's a great place, and relatively convenient to get to. I would like to go back again, actually; previous trips were great. September 'should' be a great time. A report from Tofino a couple weeks ago indicated the coho weren't really in yet - hopefully they'll be there when you go. Best thing about Tofino after Labor Day is the lack of crowds - lots of room on the Weigh West dock for privates. Heard there's a lot of springs and coho offshore lately. I read a report that coho are thick as thieves in the Charlottes last week. I also got a (pretty reliable) 3rd hand that AK and BC commercial coho quotas were reached earlier than expected. Sounds like they're on their way.

I'm finally getting away on Friday for a week in the Prince Rupert area. Hopefully the 'kids' will be there when we arrive. I dream of this trip all year.