Little spokane mouth at Eloika lake, good for fishing?

I've been wondering if eloika lake and the mouth of the little spokane river is any good for fishing? If so, what would you catch there?I went to Eloika lake on sunday with my fly rod, a spinning rod, and a baitcaster, and caught 2 fish spin fishing. please reply


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Eloika Lake, never heard of this lake or ever fished that section of river . Check this out. Look how easy it is to find information if you do a search. ;)

Eloika Lake (660 acres): Perch, largemouth bass and crappie in the spring and fall are the best bets at this year-round fishery, located 7 miles north of Chattaroy off the Newport Highway. A few 4- to 6-pound largemouth bass will be caught, but because it takes 8 to 11 years for them to reach that size, many anglers voluntarily practice catch-and-release. Some brown trout yearling plants are made, and a few eastern brook trout and crappie are also available. Eloika has several resorts with launches, and a public access south of Gray's Landing.
Little Spokan River : Most access is on private property, but there is an access site downstream of the Spokane Hatchery. Check with Washington State Parks for restrictions. This Spokane River tributary provides surprising catches of brown and rainbow trout that hole up here and there. Whitefish angling is popular in the winter.
Upper Little Spokane has brook trout a few miles south of Newport were it begins. Mostly private property but some access by walking along some abandoned railroad tracks. Good Spring Creek fishing if you know were to go. Hard to get permission from private parties.

Yeah, i wouldn't recommend the mouth of the Little Spokane River from Eloika Lake. My family owns it. People don't believe that you can actually own the water way. We do have the paperwork though. Lifes tough sometimes.
In regards to the area being private property:

I read layneebusse's post, as well as the comment on your profile page. I don't see the parcel number you provided being anywhere near Eloika Lake; maybe I erred somewhere? Also, I took a look at the parcel data for both Spokane and Pend Oreille County around Eloika Lake. I've attached three images showing what I've found. It appears to me that both the north and south end of the lake are public property and would be open to fishing. On the south end one can travel quite a ways into the Little Spokane; there is a 40 foot wide section that follows things south until it eventually ends in private property. On the north end you can see most of it is wide open. Once you reach the PDO County line it's all private property though.​

layneebusse: Can you clarify? Is there something I'm missing here? Perhaps you can attach the paperwork you mentioned to clear things up?​
It's funny how anyone who even lives near the Little Spokane thinks they own the river. A few years back I was fishing a short section that I KNEW wasn't private. Some lady from across the river came out and started yelling at me that they owned the river and I was trespassing. I knew the lady's property line ended in the middle of the river and I was well back from it. She threatened to call the Sheriff and I told her go ahead. Most the homeowners are bluffing about owning the water. Like TroutSnout proved, it's easy to find out.

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Private landowners need to respect public property.

My friend and I were told we were trespassing on DNR land. "Look" we told him, "two professional Foresters we know where we are".

His reply was, "Well yes, it is DNR, but as a courtesy you should ask me."

My reply, "Ask permission to hunt my OWN land? Your nuts".

That same hunting trip four other instances of DNR land posted as private. I complained to DNR, but it is not a high priority for them or the Wildlife Department.

One weekend, I was driving on a Forest Service road and ran into a "landowner roadblock". They graciously allowed me to go behind the road closed sign to look at some property. Monday morning, I called the Ranger District and about the road block and that was the end of that.

Ran into the same thing working for BLM.

I am getting fed up with with this.....this state needs a penalty for posting public land as private.

is a link to the court decision. Lawyers I've talked to suggest this would be unlikely to be upheld if challenged today, but since lots of lawyers live on the LSR, and prefer no access by the great unwashed, it's also unlikely to be challenged.

You can access below the bridge by the hatchery. And of course lakes with access areas can be accessed, I've no idea about what boundaries there are. Most downstream ends of lakes in the LSR have a structure associated with them, I suspect that would be a good rule of thumb.

The local watershed group thinks maybe lack of public access is one reason it's still relatively unruined. There may thus be two sides to this coin.


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Respect private property and on the flipside, landowners should Say a polite but firm no if they don't want people on their land unlike the Douche above!