Swap Remembrance Swap

id really like to get into this but im all out of material and right now im low on money so i wont be getting any money for like 2 weeks. sorry. this sounded like a really fun swap. but if i do get materials soon than ill tell u guys.

Ed Call

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I'm game for a salt water deciever type, a nifty teaser nymph and I guess I'll pull something out of my rear if we need a third pattern.


He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron
I'm calling out Mr. E. to put in his super secret salmon pattern into the mix!
:rofl: Suuuuuuuuuure I'll through in the ones that worked good for me but they are all chewed up!:thumb:

But sadly boy's I'm gonna have to pass on this one because I'm involved in a few other swaps.

Ed Call

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I have six of my baitfish imitators (a type of deciever) and six large bead head nypmhs (Teather's Teaser). Are we tying three patterns? If so I will come up with another so I can get this off my pending list. I'm going to be really busy working two jobs for a few months and want to clear all the unfinished business.
I don't have a problem with that at all!

We need some more tiers for sure.

I'll extend it for sept 25th to get flies in so everyone has a chance.

3 flies, with significance!

Welcome aboard!
Yeah no problem Sark.

You're in. We'll keep it at 3 flies for now, but if we keep getting people added we might have to drop it down to 2 or extend the deadline some more.


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Well my first fish was caught on a prince nymph in the provo river, So I'll go with that. Here in washington my best day number wise was at Lone lake fishing a red chironomid. And maybe not my most consistent but definitly visually exciting for viscious takes is a chernobyl ant.


Ed Call

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We've got five. I have my fifteen flies tied. If we add more tyers i can do another of each. Since they are supposed to be flys of good memories I used one of my demos to catch a bunch of small trout today, well a few small trout. The third pattern of mine is a winged wooly bugger, basic, but I remember using one just like to score a nice fish as I started my fly fishing in freshwater. (Deceiver, Teaser Nymph, Bugger)