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Recently I posted a couple of fishing reports, that in them I had a little fun at Buck's exspense. What precipitated it was a PM I recieved from Buck in response to another report I had posted. Now I'm a big boy and figured Bucks tirade would run it's course.
In all of my communications I have not resorted to name calling and/or foul language. So far Buck has told me to "eat shit", called me an "idiot", edited a post someone else had put up to suggest my having fun at his exspense is because I am "gay". Called me a "pusses", I think that is some kind of infection?. And, has also called me a "dickweed".
Throughout this tirade I have not contacted the moderators to referee this little playground spat. Buck has contacted the moderators to enlist their help in stopping me from referring to Bucks follies of a year or so ago. I have heard from Chris Scoones.

Now, for the purpose of this rant. As in instances such as these others have decided to pile on. I responded to a picture of some shithouse grafitti posted by Backyard, In my opinion it is racist given the fact that the author used a possesive adjective rather than a possesive pronoun. That's all. Alpinetrout came to what I assume he thought was Backyards defense, usally that is reserved for Sinktip. I quess, according to Alpine trout I am a "Bitch".
Still no problem.

Here is where the problem lies. Another one who piled on, deciminated personal information that is known by only two members on this forum. One is Sinktip, one is Backyard.
I have contacted the moderators now to enlist thier help in resolving this matter.

It seems that forum rules apply to only a select few.

The only name that I have used was "koolaid drinkers", when someone tried to open up a political discussion and the thread got shut down. As I hoped it would.

Thanks for your time.


PM's should remain private. Contacting the mods based on PM's is BS. Let the moderators moderate the content that is on the main forum and use the PM function for name calling. But, leave it there. We don't need to know about it.

Seems the moderators don't much care about the content of this forum. You just have to read the post on the thread "Snoqualmie Summer Run Report #2"
Little wonder you don't hear much from the female fishers and/or the younger members of this forum too often.
Personal information that is not readily available on this forum should not be deciminated on this forum.

Matt Burke

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Man, I never get any PM’s like that. Pt is right, unless it the most retarded thing you ever read. Are you sure you’re not taking it all kind of personal? If I were to get a lot of PM’s like that, I would have to wonder about my writing style. But, like I said, I never get them. I saw those notes in the gallery earlier. I’m not sure why one would be concerned about possessive adjective rather than a possessive pronoun on bathroom graffiti. (BTW, you spelled possessive wrong. Not that I’m smart, but when I cut and pasted, spell checker started having seizures.) I didn’t think it was racists at all. I did have to google dragger and deduced they were talking about a net dragger vs. throwing crab pots. Dragger is also a term for someone who drinks to excess every night and has to be dragged home to bed, but that isn’t funny like most urinal poetry. I might try to apply more power to the forward shields, Scotty. If I didn’t eat shit or was not an idiot, gay, pussy and a dickweed, then who gives a crap? And another thing, if I had personal info like the green running sores on my penis that wont heal up, I sure as hell wouldn’t tell Yard or Alpine. Opps. Oh well, I’m willing to bet this thread gets flushed in less than 24 hours. Don’t say the words if you don’t want the turds! Dogging the Mods may not help your case, but then do you really have one since they were private statements to begin with. Are you asking the Mods to start checking all the PM's that might upset people?


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I had to turn off my Joe Nichols CD to make sure I get this one right.

Racist has to do with ones skin color, not sexual preference. Last time I checked there was no "dragger" on the color line.

If you have a thin skin, why in hell are you asking others to toughen it up for you?

Sit on the porch if you don't wanna play with the big dogs.

Don't post crap like this to get folks on your side of a pissing match....I'm done.
Not trying to get anyone on my side, don't need it. What Buck PM'd me I have not disclosed. The names are all names used in open forum. Not the point anyhow.
Not looking for redress for Buck's mental health issues.
What you think is racist or not is not at issue.
Again for those of you in Rio Linda, personal information was disclosed that is not readily available in this furom.
That's my only issue.
If it is okay to disclose on this forum things I know regarding other members that they have not made available on this forum, then let my know.
Yard has information as a result of the fact he was working amongst people in the same industry as I. Don't know Alpinetrout except that he and sinktip are yards amen chorus.
Again don't hear from women or the younger ones much on this forum.
If you want it to be your own personal bar room then close membership.
Been to the bar with Monty and Yard. The only women they we're into were on thier cameras and showing them to each other. Monty, his wife. Yard, his girlfriend. Call me a prude, but my wife would have divorced me.
This could get fun.

Ed Call

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Man, sorry fellas, but this reminds me of a SOAP OPERA that my wife was watching last monday when I got home. Days of our lives, general impossible, something like that. Is everybody getting along? Maybe Coach Duff should intervene?
Your entitled mumbles, went to check out your statistics, did'nt see any personal information on you there, just the same old statistical crap as every one else. Would have to assume there is a reason you don't list any meaningful statistics on your self.
You have a right to expect that the only info you want disclosed about you will be disclosed by you.
Your entitled, does'nt make you right.

Let's brush the sand out of our clits, pop a couple cold ones and get back to flyfishing. And please don't ever pull the women and children punkcard to pull on our heart strings and give yourself a PC advantage. A bunch of us have worked hard to keep PC out of this website. In case you didn't know this, PC is not real life or real world. PC is not observed in drift boats, on river banks or wading esturaries. PC is one of the great dangers in society. It allows people to hide their sinister and half baked true intentions. So if the fucking language is a bit rough or a slur went the wrong way, remember women and children don't HAVE to read the site and as gentlemen and flyfishers we always work things out. Apologies are made, glasses are lifted, mistakes recognized and this big disfunctional wacky fly fishing family keeps drifting down the river. Those that want out of the drift boat are let ashore, and the rest of us float down the river looking forward to tomorrow. Tight lines The Coach
With all due respect Coach, I am one off the least PC people you will ever meet. For those of you in Rio Linda that stands for Politically Correct. And you are correct, PC is not observed in drift boats, river banks or wading estuaries. I remember not long ago there was a show of hands of all the women Flyfishers on this forum, there was a number of them, also there were a number of younger members all jacked up about fishing and being a part of this forum. Never here from them.
If we are only gentlemen amongst ourselves and do not extend that gentlemaness to women and children, then whats it worth.
But, dammit, that is not my point. If you want information on me I will give it to you, and should I ever find out any personal information on you, outside this forum, as a gentleman I will ask you first if you would mind me sharing it within this forum.
Wow, it's like a train wreck.

Can I have my 10 minutes back?

I'm younger, and I post on this site and get involved in swaps, this kind of junk does not aid to the growth of fly fishing in Washington, nor is it a way to inspire new membership.

I don't post personal information, because frankly, you don't need to know it. If I wanted to join a dating site, is 9 clicks away.
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