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  1. A buddy of mine is looking for a 3wt so I thought I would see what is out there. We were fishing a small stream together, me with my 3wt sage SP and him with his 5 wt reddington and after trading rods for a while he was in love with the lighter feel & play.

    Anybody have 3wt that is on the cheaper side? I say he's looking to spend less than $150 for the rod would probably go up to $225 for a rod/reel/line combo.

    Any offers?

  2. a week or two ago you could pick up a Reddinton CT for under 100 bucks in the 2 or 3 wt model on Ebay or at evil big box store.
  3. Check out Gorge Fly Shop, they had the Redington Tempts on closeout for $129 or so recently
  4. The Clymb has Redington CT's on sale for $69 right now. They may have a 3wt in stock.
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  5. I think they are out of stock on the lighter weights. Unless they have gotten more in.
  6. Looks like the Clymb still has some 3wt in stock. Thanks for the info guys. Would be interested if anyone has a higher-end but older/used rod they're looking to sell as well.
  7. The only CT they have in stock is the 9 ft 5 wt. The 3wt in stock is a CPX.
  8. I have a 7.5 3wt echo carbon I've used once go for $90. I bought new for $160.
  9. I have a Sage Vantage 376 2pc rod with Ross Flycast #1 and Rio WF line that I would like to sell. The rod and reel have been used 5-6 times at most and the line has been used once. All are in excellent condition and are in the original Vantage rod and reel case. $175 plus shipping from Idaho. Email if anyone is interested and I'll take some photos.
    Thanks, Will

  10. Rod outfit sold. Thanks, Will.
  11. I just bought a Ross Worldwide FW series 386-4 (3 wt, 86", 4 piece), with quality aluminum tube, awarranty card, etc. I got a screaming deal big discount on it, and the total price came to just shy of $110. I am considering returning it because I have an existing slightly shorter 4 weight that is very similar to the Ross, and I don't need two of basically the same rod.

    The FW series was the top of the line Ross. Great performaing rod series that were/are sleepers, with a lifetime warranty. It retailed for close to $300. You can buy it from me for what I have in to it ($110) so I don't have to hassle with sending it back. Yep, you can find them on ebay, but they'll be at least $30 more than this one.

    Let me know - I'm planning to return it soon!

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