4-17 SRC report (thin)

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  1. I hit a pair of beaches in North Bay and Henderson Bay today on the afternoon's incoming tide. Will spring (and warmth!) ever arrive? I got in a couple of hours of great casting practice throwing a floating line with a Chum Baby. Nada.

    I did not see any baitfish or juvenile chum activity on either beach--too early?

    On an unrelated question, I am wanting to cut an old (but largely unused) Cortland 444 (555?) Floating DT down to a WF. The 6# line is approximately 88' to 90'--any guess how much to hack off the front end?

    Thanks, and here's to warm days and hot bites.

  2. Early morning in Henderson Bay, had hits on Euphasids early, then the sun hit the water and it was off. Later in the tide changed beaches and saw my first small school of chum babies but no fish keying on them. Got barked at by a sea lion who popped up 20' from me.

    Called it good and ran to Costco, bought steaks (BTW all meat prices go up on Tuesday), bottle of wine and the 24 pack of Rio tippet.
  3. i see how it is Mike, they must have cuter cashiers
  4. Did some casting practice at Carkeek and Lincoln Parks in Seattle this weekend. If an SRC even got close I figured it would be like winning powerball. I battled wind on the incoming tide but couldn't get anything to look at the clouser minnow and Miyawaki popper I was throwing. Oh well, felt good to be on the water and practice casting cross body in the wind. I'm starting to think Ala Spit may be worth the drive if I'm going to try SRC again.
  5. They seel Rio at Costco?
  6. Spend a great day with a friend on the 16th fishing a couple south sound beaches. No love at low tide at 2 beaches. Hit one of the same beaches at high tide there they were. For about an hour before high the bite was one, after that all was quiet on the deep south sound front. Lots of euphasids still in the water, some small baitfish, but they didnt seem to be keying in on the bait fish yet...
  7. Going to be tough to get a properly weighted WF out of a DT unless you plan on lining it down to a 5 weight. You could maybe make it work for a 6 if you chopped a little off one end and alot off the other and created a shooting head by then attaching some running line to the back. There's chart on the internet that will show you about how many grams of weight each rod size can handle. You can then get the line grams from the box and estimate how much to take off out of the total. A scale really helps but you can estimate by using temporary knots and casting it. Just keep taking a foot or so off until the rod feels like it's loading properly. I built my entire shooting head system this way. I can generally get 90 foot casts out of my shooting heads for my 6 weight. So I know it works pretty well :) Good luck.
  8. I'm curious about the Rio tippet pack too. Which Costco? Item #?
  9. Sorry guys, I was just kiddin' about the Rio. Couldn't resist stirring the pot!:)
  10. Was there on Saturday - nothing :( That's not saying much though as it was my first time fishing for SRC!
  11. Consider it stirred!

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