4 cutts and 2 coho in 45 minutes

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jeff Hale, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Had a great little spurt of action yesterday in the North Puget Sound. Fished the top of the out-going for about 3 hours, and had nary a strike. But then, I hooked a coho, then a cutt, then another coho, and then 3 more cutts, with all of them being FAT and healthy. One went 16 inches; a very nice fish and a nice gift on a Sunday morning. Used an intermediate line, and a small, #8 Clouser about 1.5 inches long, and sparse. Jeff
  2. Great report Jeff, I'm sure that 45 minutes was well worth the 3 hour wait.
  3. I think I need to get the boat out in the morning... checking tides and weather.

    That's awesome guys, thanks for the reports. Nice to hear of a good number of returning cutts out there. I think you forgot to pm me the gps coordinates - :D
  4. Attaboy! A buddy of mine and I hit a north beach yesterday, fishing hard from about 10 am to 5 pm, with 30-45 minutes downtime during lunch. He picked up a wee coho just before noon and anothe a few hours later. About 3 pm he caught a coho, cutt, coho, and (small) blackmouth in successive casts! I caught my only fish of the day, a 14" blackmouth, during that same time (though I was upcurrent of him probably 120 feet or so, and wasn't fishing the same rip as he).

    Lots of casting practice! But, you got to keep the fly in the water in hopes a big ol' blackmouth may take a big rip on your bug . . .
  5. Nice Hale! I am getting stoked for big silvers on the fly. I'm crossing my fingers for a great summer. How about that pink run? Can you get them on top?
  6. You can get them on flies. Not sure about on surface poppers. Anyone else on here ever catch pinks on top?
  7. I have caught them on top in the Charlottes, I have not tried around here.
  8. dont sell out Scott. Just say no to slimers. The best part about the pink run is that most people go fish them instead of targeting silvers.
    but yes you can get them on top.
  9. I wouldn't waste my time fishing on top, schools move through quick, and your best bet would be to fish them sub surface.
  10. Hale, I switched up your count today. Got 2 SRCs and 4 silvers in under an hour.

    That beach has smelled like skunk for weeks, so I finally tried something new and twitched a shrimp. Fished the outgoing and rippin' tide just before and into dusk.
  11. Nice Shutt! Did you tie em' up? All on shrimp patterns?

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