4 day hall pass

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Tony the Trout, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. The better half just gave me permission to head to the dry side Feb. 29 thru March 3.:thumb: I have no itinerary as I have never fished over there that time of year. I will fish the Yak on the 29th, after that who knows.

    I would like to hit one or more of the early season lakes. Lenice? Is there camping there? I have a 4 season N. Face tent, or I can sleep in the bed of my truck.

    Anybody else gonna be out that way? There is a good chance I will be goin' it alone. I will have plenty of Jack Daniels. You know, for warmth:D

    I'm giddy! Wish it wasn't 4 weeks away. Time to do some serious tying I guess.
  2. man... you're goin the wrong way... I'll be out fishing but about 3 hours in the opposite direction.
    have fun
  3. Roger that. Or Central Oregon -- Metollius and/or Crooked.
  4. Unless it's frozen, you can count on several dozen other stalwarts being at Lenice for the March 1 opener. Yes, you can camp there but it's a dry camp with NO facilities other than a concrete shitter. Plan on bringing everything you'll need, including water and toilet paper.


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