4 day trip where would you go?

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  1. I plan to jump into my car and drive around Washington, Idaho and Montana for the next 4 days and try to hit some good fishing spots along the way. Will probably plan on driving 4-6 hours every day to get from one spot to the next.

    I know this is a wildly broad question -- but any suggestions on spots to hit? Not looking for any secret holes, just some broad suggestions. I'm not fixated on catching large fish and like to fish mostly dries (my favorite fishing is the forks of Snoqualmie and some of the creeks around here), and would prefer not to have to deal with crowds ...

    Any help and suggestions will be deeply appreciated, and I'll be sure to file a report when I return ...
  2. Rocky Ford
  3. how far into montana are you willing to go? idaho North south??
  4. As far as I can get driving 6 hours or so a day for 4 days. Don't know a whole lot about the fishing in Idaho (I have fished the St. Joe before, but that's about it), but either North or South is an option ...
  5. So your itineray is as planned because im really bored at work..

    Stop 1
    You will be leaving at 400 am on desired morning and driving to pendleton oregon here you will fish the umatilla river or plan to blow past that another 1-2hours to to fish the walllowa.

    Stop 2
    you will buy 9 redbulls and head to ketchum idaho you will sleep in yoru car and either fish silver creek, the big wood, the little wood, or lost river

    Stop 3 you will then B line to twin bridges for 1.5 days of fishing rivers and streams,there is so many dam streams to chose from.
    you will then take i90 for about 9 hours hopped up on more redbull, and proceed to arrive about 2 am in the morning.

    You will go to work the next laughing at how big of losers everyone else is and be talking about how you caught huge fish all weekend long

    <iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="https://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&am...88&amp;spn=4.575921,10.23332&amp;output=embed"></iframe><br /><small><a href="https://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&am....426345,-117.216888&amp;spn=4.575921,10.23332" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>
  6. i suck at englishing apparently
  7. If you are only going to drive 6 hours a day, you won't make it out of Washington. Unless you are going to Canada or Portland. If you are going east you will just about get to Spokane on 6 hours driving time. Unless you are traveling about 85 MPH.
  8. Your math is off.

    Spokane is exit 278 (Lincoln street).

    This means at 70 mph Spokane is 4 hours away.

    Six hours without whiny kids = Idaho at eight you're into MT.

    I like BT itinerary. It's hardcore driving but the Big Wood and Silver Creek are both amazing. Check water levels if planning Wood stuff, as well as wildfire info on any proposed route.
  9. You got to stop and pee every now and then plus eat something.. This the long time.

    When I used to go to Spokane it was only 378 miles door to door. It should only take about 6 hours give or take 30 minutes. Then you have to throw in all the road and bridge construction. 50 MPH for 20 miles cuts into your travel time. It's never a straight shot to anyplace here in Montana. Lots of construction on I 90

    It only takes about an hour to drive from the border to boarder on I-90. The first water in Montana is the St Regis river and then the Clark Fork Which is now open.

    Plus I'm old so I can only drive the Speed limit.
  10. You missed Fish Creek in between St Regis and Clark - great when you're jonesin'! And yeah if you lived in Marysville and don't have your rig loaded with snacks I could see 6 hours :)
  11. By the way, I know you weren't always! I'm continually impressed by what you call easy wading in the Sky basin. And, I know it's no bullshit when you say something is impassable.

  12. Gatorade bottles and pack your own food. I've straightlined to Jackson from Portland twice now, only stopping for gas.

    ....and yes, it's a miserable drive. Idaho is pretty fuggly for a good portion of it.
  13. i always piss in bottles. luckily i a got a small peter so i can just insert into a soda can. sucks when i hit a bump tho
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  14. I went from Seattle to Rock Creek in just over 8 Hrs.
  15. I'd probably stowaway under Stonefish's rig when he's taking his Mid-September break, stuck up under there with velcro and duct tape and bailing wire and stuff, and and just kind of nonchalantly pop out and end up fishing wherever he is. That or hide under Roger Stephen's boat tarp, in Sciguys wheel well or Evan B's cooler or something. If I had four days starting about now it would not involve heading East from Seattle...
  16. Well, I've been thinking about the next 4 days, myself. I can drive 57 miles to get in some bank fishing for Kings, 4 miles to launch for some paddling for cutthroat, 12 miles to launch for trolling for Kings in the salt, and 7 miles to get in some surfing. Back home at night to drink a couple of micro-brews. Thats 160 miles RT total mileage, or about $23 worth of gas (premium). Add on burning about a gallon and a half or so for my 4-stroke outboard, and the total fuel cost is still less than $30. All the stores, gas stations, eateries, etc. are en route.

    But I understand that the fishing is always better if you have to drive a long ways to get to it.
    But I'm going to stay local anyway, and make do with my sucky venues.;)

    If I have any spare time left over, I can tie flies and fight the moles!
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  17. There was a rubber plug missing under the floor mat in my old '72 Datsun 1600 p/u, and I ran a relief tube down thru that. Didn't have to empty any bottles, and the funnel was useful for other purposes.

    I did use a new-looking apple juice bottle in my old '62 VW camper bus, since I couldn't lock it. Kept it in my cooler.:D
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  18. If you want to optimize fishing time, pick a good destination and drive however many hours it takes to get there, and fish until it is time to pack up and drive home.

    Of course, if you really want to do all that driving every day (as well as setting up and breaking camp every day), and not drive more than 6 hrs in a day, I'd head east on I-90 to the N Fk Couer d'Alene, then over into MT to Rock Creek or the Bitterroot, then back over Lolo Pass to the Lochsa, then home.

  19. We drive to Spokane all the time all year long....it takes us 4.5hrs or 5 from Renton if we stop for food in Ellensburg. That's with three little kids.

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