4 for 7 - and a totaled car...

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  1. Hit the river today, got 4 steelies to hand (2 hatchery, 2 wild), lost 3, and totaled my car on the way home :(.

    1990 Nissan Sentra with 235K miles, spins like a top, and gets (got) 38 to 40 mpg. Aside from the general maintenance (oil change, plugs, etc.), I just put new tires on it, and replaced the clutch two months ago.

    I was driving home, came around a corner to see 3 deer in the middle of the road. My car lost that battle, but WOW! - did that deer do some serious aerials! I don't know...maybe we'll call it a draw :p

    My back hurts a little, but not sure why. I'm going to blame the steelhead for that, although

    Just for the record, I say totaled because the cost to repair it, is more than the car is worth - I'm certain of that. Although having a car that gets almost 40 mpg consistently, is almost worth its weight in gold these days.

    Her paint was faded, a few little rust spots, and smelled like steelhead. If that car could talk, the stories it could tell would make even the most seasoned fly fisher long to ride shotgun.

    On a positive note, I had one wild steelie that took me well into my backing. That was kinda fun!
  2. Yeah, deer tend to do that to cars. Did the deer get killed, or did it just limp away.

    I also think that you saw the only three deer in Washington.
  3. I'm pretty sure the deer died.

    I'm not sure what your experience has been with deer in WA, but they are everywhere! Of course none will be found come this Saturday. Hunting season opens. :D
  4. I don't drive a 40mph job, instead I have F250 that is big mean beast. That being said, the Mule deer out here do the same thing. I crushed one last spring that demonstrated the power of the deer. Had no real idea that they could do that.

    Glad you walked away in good shape and ready to fish another day.

    On the 4 Steel Day, well....you kind of suck.:D
  5. Glad your okay, Dave, but that's what you get for hogging all of the Steelhead.
  6. Ditto. Last year in Ohio we had over 22,000 deer collisions with over 900 injuries and 7 deaths. They're out there thick right now. Be careful everyone.
  7. Dirty ass whitetails no doubt. Sorry 'bout yer ride.
  8. Sorry about the car Dave. Sometimes it's had to part with a broken in car. Since you're ok and drove away I am free to talk about the important stuff. You landed four Steelhead in one day! I'm pretty happy to land four little trout in one day. It's no wonder you hit the deer, you grin must have gotten in the way of you driving.
  9. Bummer about the Sentra. I had an '86 Sentra for 15 years before I had to give it up. Loved that car.
  10. Glad you are here to share the story.
  11. I fixed that for you OMJ.
  12. In all the years I spent fishing in Washington, I don't think that I have seen over a handful of them things.

    While here in Montana, they run in herds. I seen herds with over 100 deer in them. All Mule deer. Here they get on the ranches and the ranchers don't let you hunt because of the cows. But I don't hunt, so I just get to look at them.
  13. Thank you. I didn't notice that I worded it wrong. I'll be more careful next time. :p:p
  14. Bummer Dave. Did you have time to hit the brakes and, if so, did you follow the suggested practice of not trying to steer clear of them...which in most cases results in far worse results? I'm sure you can find a good replacement HMV, but they do fetch a premium these days. Best therapy for your back will be paid days off from work casting a fly rod.
  15. Some of those Ohio whitetails get pretty big, too.
  16. Their numbers have just skyrocketed in the past 20-30 years. I grew up on a farm and seeing a whitetail was a somewhat rare occurrence. Now I live in the city and see them all the time.
  17. Ha, the last time I was steelheading I hit a deer too. Pay to play? Sorry about your car though.
  18. I hope you posted this in the "Cast and Blast" forum.
  19. Come on man! :p Too funny
  20. Yeah freestone, all but locked 'em up. I couldn't really steer into it (the direction it was coming from), as I was just finishing the corner. However, that's where the other two were, so that might have been worse.

    No job, no unemployment check - no more fishing. My other rig is a '01 Tahoe. It get 4 gallons a mile. <- No, I didn't type that wrong :D

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