4 Pinks, 1 Coho, 2 Blackmouth

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. LDR'd 3 or 4 other unknowns just below Sylvana on the Stilly. Using my 8 wt 12 foot Loop with running line and 26 foot Aqualux 400 grain shooting head. Pink and white clouser. Once I had the retrieve down, I couldn't keep 'em off my line for about an hour and a half. Things died down a bit as the sun got higher at 10 am.

    I am now convinced the right hand retrieve for a right hander is wrong. I'll have to switch all my reels and spools to left hand retrieve. It was OK that way fer trout, but not fish running 3 to 6 pounds. I need to hold with the right and reel/strip with the left.

    Didn't keep any as I don't have a smoker, but I had fun and can't get this Shite eatin' grin off my face. Gotta get to work. Check back in later. Mattzoid is back!


    "Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go fishing...is one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell
  2. Good to hear it....you lucky bastad!!!!!! No wipe that shite eaten grin off yer face and get to work }( :p

    Hey, you gonna show up for that fishing shindig in November over at that Bogy place on the OP??

    ~Patrick ><>
  3. He's going with me tomorrow so after I'm through with him he won't be grinning anymore. He always seems to do good when ever I'm not around. I think that I might be on to something. Maybe I should just stay away and he'll be happier. But if I'm miserable he should be too.

    I'll let you know how that 6wt performs if I should be lucky enough to catch anything.

  4. Where you near the "corn beach" area? I don't know if that is the name by which everyone calls it, but you have to hike to a sandy area through a corn field. Just curious...I am thinking of waking at 4:30 and driving from Bellingham just in time for sun up. I don't even want to know what it was like yesterday or on a weekend down there!
  5. There is several places down in that area where you have to walk along side of the corn fields to gain access to the river. As there is a lot of corn growing in that area. He called me and told me the there was about seven people there. Now with what he has written there will probably be more there.:bawling . But this is what fishing is about catching.

  6. I tried to wipe that silly grin off his face but I couldn't do it. He caught three before he lost his favorite fly and I got pictures a few. I'll try and post them but with my limited knowledge I don't know if what I do will work.One more question. There are 6 boxes in where you down load pictures at what do they stand for and am I using the right one.:dunno


    P/S The fly guys out fished the gear chuckers. Fly guys 6, gear guys 0. And no I was not in with the fish catching, But wish I was.

  7. Blackmouth in the freshwater?
  8. Yeah, I was wrong. Wondered how long before I'd have to make amends to the group.


    "Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go fishing...is one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell
  9. Good pictures Jim!

    Hey Matt! is that a new vest ya' have on there buddy?

    Ah that stripin' basket looks like it could hold a weeks worth of groceries--LOL!

  10. I was just joshin ya Mattzoid. :)

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