4 Sale: GLX 10' 7wt 2pc & Litespeed 3 PRICE DROP!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Peter Pancho, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. 4 Sale: GLX 10'7wt 2pc and Litespeed 3 reel with Cortland 444SL and Yancy Type 4 10' sinktip.
    All near mint condition!

    Selling as combo only for only 500.00.
    For pics of rod/reel, see my gallery pics.


    PS: Buyer will also receive 1/2 dozen of my HIGHLY modified version of the String-Leech, I named it: String-Leech X.
    A prooven VERY DEADLY Steelhead pattern. Sorry pics not avail...

    Peter ><>
  2. 4 Sale: GLX 10' 7wt 2pc & Litespeed 3 NEAR MINT!

    You sent me an email about my pontoon boat. Would you be interested in a trade + cash? Would the warranty still cover the rod and reel or are they registered in your name? Please let me know because I may buy it if I can come up with the cash.
  3. 4 Sale: GLX 10' 7wt 2pc & Litespeed 3 NEAR MINT!

    Sorry I never had the register card for the GLX due to it was a gift and given to me w/o a card, as for the Litespeed I believe I still have the card for that, never sent it in. Loomis I believe fixes rods for something like 40.00 which is pretty good considering the rod itself is 600+ dollars.
    From what I understand, Lamson will take care of you regardless of card or not. Let me know, thanks!

    Peter ><>

    Mark 12:30-31

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