40# Mono for Shooting/Running Line?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Ed Call, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. All I've ever used is the airflo ridge running line in 20# and 30#. I have a spool of 40# monofilament, trilene solar collector. Has anyone tried this stuff? Is it worth spooling up to test out? Does it have too much memory? At 0.025" is it too thin to handle?
  2. I haven't tried the 40lb. mono but alot of people were fans of the 50lb Trilene big game mono at .028 diameter for shooting line. I tried the SA mono shooting line and it was at .021 diameter and was easy to handle and could shoot it a mile when it didn't coil up(rats nest) on me. I am sure others will have more to say but I know al mono has memory(regardless of what they advertise) and the longer it is coiled it can be a pain. I may still use it for the salt but I had to pay too much attention to what the mono was doing and getting the coils undone. Spool it up and see how you like it.
    Tight lines...
  3. Ed,

    IF you are into mono mood.

    You might want to try Amnesia 30lb.
    Cheap like dirt, shoot like a dream.
  4. Always stretch it before use. The stuff WILL shoot a mile and 1/2 but the memory can be irritating. The cost is good. How will you connect to to your head? Not sure if braided loops will work with the mono.
  5. good point! "stretch before use" is the key. One of the reason made amnesia so great is it's ability to forgiving/ "amnesia" for a long period of time.
    I use two overhand knot to form a loop, trim to the very end (no tag), sealed it with uv-nonsense. If I hook a fish can break this knot... I surrend. : )
  6. I am using PLine braided 50# Yellow behind my Skagit. It has very little memory nice finish and shoots very well. I just cant seem to get along with mono for Winter.

  7. Another point - the mono sinks. Many of the "higher tech" shooting lines float - and I know that is preferred by some. The shoot ability of the mono is really impressive. I guess you just have to decide the best characteristics for your application.
  8. Second the Hydrofloat. But the coating wears and you'll have to replace. Who cares it's like $10 for a 100 yard spool, floats unlike mono, no memory, easier to handle than mono or amnesia. 0.020"

    I'll never buy running line again when you've got this stuff. Plan on riggin up some shooting heads with this for my Bluewater trip next month!!!
  9. Thanks all. Just going through all the stuff I've got and wondering (and the Sessions going down smooth helps the thought processes flow).

    Jamie, I was thinking a large loop with a perfection or double surgeons loop. I have seen folks tie a perfection then just forward (loop side) of the perfection they put a nail knot.

    Liking the idea of the hydrofloat P line. I don't have any of it but at that price it might be worth it. Thanks Paul and Skilly.

    Mark, I've read a lot of folks liking the Amnesia, especially for the pretty wild colors (easy to see) and lack of memory. I have only used floating airflo ridge lines so I'm used to floating stuff. Not sure how I'd like mono for sinking. I do have some, and actually have a spare spool for one of my J W Youngs reels. I should put some backing and then some of that Trilene and give it a flail.
  10. Mumbles,
    I used the Airflo Ridge Running line exclusively for several years and loved it. Last summer I purchased some Amnesia and really like it. At first I wasn't used to the line sinking but I have no problems now. I'm a big fan of Amnesia, shoots great and it's cheap. At only $5 a spool, you might as well give it a shot and see what you think.
  11. My experience is exactly the same as Steve. Airflo is good stuff. Currently, I still have two Airflo 30lb ridge running line (got them free from purchasing reels) sitting in my closet. I keep them because every once of a while I use it for sensational reason.
  12. With the P-Line braid couldn't you loop the end for attachment?
  13. Hey guys, is that P-line braid the stuff that the center pin guys are using on their pin reels?
  14. PLine is the stuff the float guys use, centerpins use a high viz floating mono as it spins with less resistance on the pin reel, by Raven or other manufacturers. I was turned onto the Hydrofloat made by PLine from Leland as he loved the stuff. He found out about it from the SpeyBum in Carnation.

    Hey, if you don't like it, you're not out a bunch of $$$. In fact, I can mail you a 80' of it for free if you want to try it out. Just PM me your address and I'll throw the adequate amount in the mail. Just put a large perfection loop on the shooting head end and you can loop your whole head and it slides right through the guides.
  15. I used the P-Line all last year without any problems other than wearing tape on my fingers... cuts like a sharp knife.
  16. Paul, PM coming. Thank you so much for your offer. Greatly appreciated. Ed
  17. I use 40# braided tuff line and love it. I have it on my 13' Gecko and can throw it a mile. I use the yellow and can see it fine
  18. mumbles..cut the shit...in your first post..yes to all your questions...it's thin..all mono is...it sinks...most do except guidleline and varivas...it sucks to hold in the winter unless you only shoot one small loop..then it sucks to be you...Just kidding...

    Want to know what a really nice running line is? Rio powercoil or whatever, What your using.....plain mono blows even more then running line mono's...Slick shooter is cheap..will stretch out pretty easy.. .You need loops on all mono's...I use the huggnaggle knot...perfection is weak, double surgeons is big,...figure 8 knot isn't bad either...

    I've used mono almost exclusively and here's the problem with very thin mono on a shooting head...think kite tail..think what happens when you don't have enough on that tail....Since I've been using the Rio powercoil running line...I like the shape and fishability of lines a helluva lot more...the .035 is sweet, floats and is perfect but a little heavy for the S rivers low gradient...The .030 one is perfect for that.,..

    Mono IMHO is great if your going to spey o rama and also not to shabby for bombing out super long casts in the middle months for whatever reason you want...Mono is like shaving around your deck...might make it look bigger then it really is....

    If your going to shave yours don't be such a cheap weasel...varivas is probably the best, it floats , is strong and shoots like a mother....you get over a hundred YARDS a spool so you can fill 3 reels...buy a kite and see how it works..
  19. Golfman, you are a brutal spey guru. You have spent too much time with Stewart Dee. Thank you for the informative message. It is well received.

    Every find a feather lying around and have to tie some fly with it? I see this very visible spool of mono and I think I could get used to seeing twelve to fifteen feet of it shooting out of my guides as I fish at my maximum reach!

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