40+ or outbound?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Zach Sanders, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. In intermediate integrated head lines, I prefere the SA line just for those reasons mentioned. The SA running line tangles, too, like any other line, but the running line is very easy to handle. It has a relatively larger diameter than the OB and 40+ lines, so you might lose a little distance but it's easier to grab.
  2. Thanks Peter! This is good info! I am going to have to get at least one more line to replace my older Outbound. I think your post just pushed me over the edge toward getting the 40+.

  3. Some help please....I have a 40+ that is Ok, not great compared to the newer version of outbound...Which I like quite a bit...that said...I don't think my outbound is a cold salt water one though...I remember looking for said line and never finding one...Any help would be appreciated on what exact line your talking about here?

    My best overhead floating line is a scandi Meiser one....I know he made it for my switch rod for trout..but the thicker running line he welded makes that line a monster two hand overhead casting...bad ass...
  4. I bought outbound floating 6 wt around halloween. i think it performs really well, not sure if its the new version or not.
  5. I don't think RIO makes the Outbound in a cold water version. 40+ does come in a cold water version but intermediates and sinkers only...ya gotta stick with the standard 40+ if you want a floater.
  6. I have the OB original 6wt (Intermediate) on which Anil shortned the head about 5 feet and put a different running line on for me this year but haven't tried it yet. It was waaaay to long & tangly for me in its original form....am hoping it will be much better now but its been too cold to try lately.

    Also have the SA Streamer Express Intermediate that I got last year after so much frustration with the OB and found I could cast it much better...even tho my casting skills have improved only slightly in the last 3 years - I still suck at both casting AND fishing/catching.

    Got a new line for my 8wt from a board member last week but haven't found a reel to put it on yet. It is a Floating Streamer with a DC 15' foot sink tip (type II or III me thinks-can't remember for sure).

    Speaking of reels, has anyone here tried or know much about the new Wright & McGill fly reels (or rods)?? They shore look purrty....and we all know that "purrty" counts a lot...especially to the fishies, right?!! Seems like good prices on both rods & reels - or is that, "poles & winder thingies?"

    All opinions appreciated - even the ones I may not agree with!

    Oops, sorry....I guess this thread was about the 40+ or OB......

  7. The standard, and Short models are the cold water lines. They also make a Tropical version that is their warm water line. Hope that helps.

  8. Someone mentioned wanting an SA Streamer Express in a floater. It will be available for next year. I have been fishing a sample for a couple of months, and I have to say, it is awesome! I'm no longer repping for SA so you can't call me bias. Well, maybe a little. The line is less aggressive than the 40+ and I find it is much easier to carry line for quick change of directions, or pick up and shoot at will. PS anglers should definitely check it out.


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