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Luckily I didn't have to look up too often during the Hawks game:rofl: Poke me with a fork, I'm done... I present the SRST (Sauk River Sol Trane)

steve s

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I'm almost done. I ran out of Waddington shanks and need to stop by the shop to pick up some more. Phil, the flies look great!
Alright, looks like most people are done or close to being so. Strong work. I'm headed down to the ronde friday and will be back home on the 15th. Hopefully I will come home to 10 packages, and have them mailed out by the end of next week. Lets not have any stragglers here.

Ed Call

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View attachment 16422 I recieved my flies in the mail today...

SHIT...I mailed them to myself, these are the flies I tied. Sorry all, I'll get them in the mail to Monkey Salad this time (I reversed the addresses on my mailing label). This two job shit has to stop. I'll send them quickly so as not to be the holdup.:beathead:

I opened them, took a photo, which I forgot earlier, and repacked them. Sorry, today I'm a dumbass!

By the way, these suck, all my flies suck, but they scared my wife, my kids thought they were cool and a few fellas thought they would actually work! I hope they do.

David Dalan

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I was in Sacramento until the first of this week. Forgot to do my mailing. Good news is that once it's in the mail, Monkey should have it in less than 24 hours (same zip code you know).

Sorry everyone.