Yesterday in the Sound.


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My friend Juro Mukai flew all night in from Boston and met Tony Gades and me at 6AM at the Mulkiteo launch after only two hours sleep. 30 minutes later, we were into our first fish, a small marked shaker. It wasn't long before I cast my #2 Coho Popper at the first feeder, or "snarfer" as Juro likes to call them. The fish turned, followed and ate my popper. I lost it at the boat when Juro uttered the jinx word, "barbecue." Not to worry, Tony was soon fast to a darkside fish of about six pounds. It went this way for five hours at four different spots - small shakers that bit, happy jumpers that didn't bite, and snarfers that were seriously on the feed and ate our flies. Gotta go now, got a fish on the barbie!


Ed Call

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After me and the kids drop in uninvited at Mr. E's place down south we are headed east to Leland's.

Glad you spent some great time with friends on the river.

Richard E

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Nice job, Leland! Good for you! I hit Lincoln Park 7 am to 9:30 am, a couple of cutties and small grabs, and that was it! bawling: Didn't see any larger fish show themselves, and I didn't see anyone on the beach (gear or fly) hook or catch any.