The first fly you ever tied?

Growing up in the midwest, the first pattern I tied was a sowbug. I was so excited when that fly worked! Thought I'd struck gold...tying my own flies. Still feel that way when there's a bend in my rod!


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First fly ever was a Carey Special tied when I was about 12 at a Boy Scout Meeting. Although it was far from perfect it caught fish until I lost it. I still tie a few Carey Specials when I have the need. To me, they may be the easiest fly to tie and are one of the best stillwater flies ever created.

It was a Woolly Worm the forerunner of the Woolly Bugger. This was in 1970 . It had a red hackle tail, black chenille and a grizzly hackle. This was in the days before the nice genetic hackle so we used the larger hackle from a roosters neck palmered through the chenille. Truth be known this is still one heck of a fly and very close to one of my favorite flies for lake fishing, the Mity Mouse. The Mity Mouse is a woolly worm except that it has a peacock body with a brown genetic saddle hackle palmered along the body, no tail, and hackle barbs gape length or shorter.


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Lee......what you said to all, except green chenille and the year was 1971,learned to tie with "tie your own flies" Patrick and "pacific northwest fly patterns" Patrick.


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I tried to tie an egg imatation, I took thread and wrapped it so much it was the shape of an egg, then it unravled because I didn't know what a half hitch was... The first thing I did with a vice and stuff was a marabou black ghost which was ugly
Well, the first flies I tied were the Gray hackle yellow and the Brown hackle peacock.
I caught a lot of fish on those two and still have one or two in my go to box.
I don't remember the first thing I tied.... probably doesn't have a name. I was working at WaMu at the time and a guy by the name of Larry Dewey brought in his tying stuuff and let me play around. I used to tie at work all the time.



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Maybe 1973 or 74 a flytying class at Everett community college. The basic black wooley worm with the red yarn tail. Still have the Thompson Model A fly vise too.


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Endless olive wooley buggers for SRCs for my dad. I didn't fly fish at the time but he did. He had the good sense to tell me they were exceptional even though they looked terrible so that I would keep on tying them. Kept him in free flies for a while till I saw how many more trout he was catching!
Adams. It was too fat and the tail was too long and heavy, but I got the front half right, though I crowded the hookeye. Still do that sometimes.