minter creek

Minter Creek just opened for Chums this year, and its over by Purdy. Access is through the hatchery. The estuary is nice Chum water, and I think it said 18,000 chums return each year. However, it is very crowded and if you don't like combat fishing, it isn't the place for you. But if you go weekdays and in the morning, you should find at least room for a backcast.
i mean i went there a few days ago and didnt see a fish maybe 2 when other november runs are real hot maybe it was just one of those days thou i'm not much for fly casting in combat conditions anyway to dangerous for people around yeah and to hard to bring in a big fish by the tail or dorsal with out going thru everybodys line and when yours is 50$ it kind of hurts.
The peak of the run is in december but late november through december should have quite a few chums unless there
is a poor run.:)
really, in december huh, thatll be cool so here in a bit is the run . yeah cause i was expecting fish to be clogging the creek and was real surprised at the low amount of fish. thats kind of cool how chums run in spurts in diffrent sections of the sound and canal i wrote it all down this year with the start to peak. chums are a crazy fish .later Ben
Different rivers have different runs of fish like the quilcene gets silvers in august and september but most rivers get them in october same with chinook like in the south sound the , run on some rivers is from august to september but some rivers on the coast have runs from september to october same with chum like at hoodsport were they start in october but at minter creek they start in mid to late november.All rivers have good years and average years and sometimes poor years.GOOD LUCK :p