2 person Raft or Pontoon?

Can you say the FishCraft,SteelheaderII and the Outcast boats are 3 of the best brands out there?
What are the advantages and disavantages of these blow-up boats compared to each other? Which is best for the money?
Personally I've never floated let alone rowed in any of the above boats before, but I'm sure they are are performers.
I just need some open ended advice in detail from you Pros before making the final selection in the near future.
Thankyou in advance!

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Jerry Daschofsky

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LOL, most know where my thoughts lie here by now. LOL. But, they all have their pluses/minuses. I never cared for rafts. They were great until I used my first cataraft. I just don't like the effect when you hit hard water with a raft. Rafts will hit and push up. A cat will hit and dig in and run through.

The three boats you mentioned are all good boats. I like the steelheader the most. Boat is made here in WA, heavy duty whitewater tubes with extremely heavy carrying capacity. They are heavy, which is a drawback to some. But the stability factor and weight of fabric used on the tubes is why they weigh so much. Most good whitewater grade boats are heavy. The fishcrafts have great frames, but made of aluminum. Great for weight, but one good hit and you can be in for a world of hurt for that beam. Plus, looks like they're using Star tubes. The only thing is that Star doesn't make a 12' boat. So fishcraft must contract through same company in Korea that Star does and orders the same boat. Quite a few of the cataraft companies out there do that (including Outcast and others). I don't care for the design, and have heard borderline remarks for the way they handle. They do look nice. They give basic info on their website, but not alot of hard details on capacities and weight of fabric, or even denier rating. Their small boats look like JPW tubes, which are on the lower spectrum in the whitewatering world. So, they look like they may be going on a cost issue but selling at a high cost tube price. The upper end outcasts tubes are made by Aire. Wish Aire put more imput into them. Problem is, Aire makes whitewater boats. That's their specialty. Their BIG tubes (16-18') make great boats since they have a virtually flat tube at that point. But the smaller boats have too much rocker. Plus, weight handling is WAY too light. I heard they upgraded, and hope they did. I know the originaly 12' outcast only had a 500# capacity. Way too light for a 12' boat. The steelheader II has a 1400# capacity. Have no idea on the fishcraft, can't find anything on star's site for a 12', and nothing on fishcraft for their 12' boat.

Hope this helps. Personally, I'd go with a Steelheader. Locally made, awesome boat, and so far all that have really checked out the boats (on my suggestion) have fell in love with them. They are a hardcore boat made for hardcore fisherman. They're not for everyone, but if you're gonna pay the price for the other two boats, you should go with a Steelheader II first. I'm about to buy a Steelheader III once I sell off my custom 16' cataraft.

If you have any other questions, you can ask away.
Pontoon boats for rent on the Yakima river

Check out Xstream in Tukwila,they make a very nice boat and is all I use,If you are interested in rowing a cataraft Email me,I am going out on the Yakima this saturday to get some pictures for a website,you are more than welcome to come and try it out.