Another nice Hawaiian Bonefish


The Dude Abides
god bless it, I am in maui, within a boat ride away, but no bones here....

Next time I go to Hawaii i am coming to your island Duff
I use a 9 weight Burkheimer saltwater rod built for Hawaii and it's unique conditions. I feel strongly that Kerry makes the finest fishing tools in all of fishing. My associate guide uses Echo 2 Saltwater rods, which we feel are light years better than anything TFO makes. They have soul and are better sightfishing tools. Just our opinion, but my beliefs were re-affirmed after spending some time with Tim Rajeff last week in Vancouver. I use a Galvan T-10 with 300 yards of 50 pound gel spun and right now am fishing both SA Saltwater Sharkskins and we are really liking the Air Flo Ridgelines Bonefish/Tarpon lines also. We usually put a 10 weight line on the rod. We taper our leaders down to 25 pound Maxima flouro from 60 pound butt sections and are experimenting with poly leaders both in floating and intermediate and are liking them too. That is the gear line up and how we rig up. Kind of heavier than most bonefishing, but we've got tough conditions and big fish. Tight lines Coach


Stephen Mull
Dang man! I just got back from a day of fishing for tailing red fish on the flats of NC. This just adds to the buzz I got today from sight fishing. Very nice fish man. Congrats on the boat, that's gonna be sweet.
Sweet - those bones are HUGE!
A 4/6 pound bone fish will yank you all over the pond if your set up is not GO!
That bone in the pic is a serious fish!!