First skunk on the Yak in awhile


Jason Wood

Hit the railroad tracks, then Mahre's tonight, nuthin' but two five inchers. Great sunset, me and my fishin' buddy who always drives (lucky for me 'cause my rig is sh#t), couple of beers, life is good. Used bwo's and small EHC's, but nuthin'. I've pretty much quit bobber fishing, dries and buggers have been my game for a while. Later.
My condolences for the skunk although you may feel better to know that it was slow going for this "bobber" user also. However, I landed my largest Yak rainbow yet (17-18 inches) and had another breakoff as it headed for the other side of the river. So the day wasn't entirely without it's moments.

John P.
John P., can you mention what section (no exact places of course) you were fishing. We're heading over Sunday, and since I should be working and it's also my anniversary, I'd best catch some fish to make it worth all the later distress.

We started bank fishing at the Park and worked our way down to Umtanum. We were hoping to see bugs flying along the way but, like Jason inferred, it was mostly quiet for us and nymphing became the program.

You might take a camera along to record your catch. A few photos showing some evidence of success might make your home coming a little easier. But then again probably not. Good luck!!

John P.