Ideas for Pontoon boat rod holders


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How do you get that rod out when you are on the river.
That is one downfall unless you have really, really long arms... :thumb:

You would have to pull over to the bank to swap out rods with this setup.

When I am drifting along trout fishing, throwing streamers at the bank while watching for bank feeders downstream or good hold water, I usually leave my dry fly rig set up and hold it in the side pockets even though it is sticking out the back of the boat. This way I can swap rods in a matter of seconds. So far I haven't had any accidents with that exposed rod, although a rookie pontooner fishing with me one day broke one and lost another Winston by getting washed into some overhanging limbs...:eek:
This isn't the most affordable solution but it doesn't take many broken rods to pay for itself. Outcast makes a nice case that holds two 9.5 ft. rods broken in half. It is easily accessable and I can store a fully assembled rod in the opposite saddle bag when necessary.



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Looks like your saddlebag on the left side is mounted backwards - it has a shaped botton to fit the pontoon if your flip it around.
Depending what type of 'toon you have, you might consider new side pockets like those from North Fork Outdoors (.com). They have a mesh pocket along the side with 2 velcro straps and to store a rod, you just insert the reel and butt end into the pocket and secure with the velcro. The rod tip ends up sticking our the back of the boat so you have to be cognizant of that when backing into the bank or around trees.

Mike T
Yes, works quite well. I bought a NFO toon and thought I had to buy rodholders and got a Scotty/tried other things and the simplest/easiest I always default to is the inner sleeve/velcro straps of my NFO armrest bag (same as shown in post 17/except that one's reversed as noted...velcro/compartment goes to inside although if you have strong zipper preference etc you might reverse.

Next year I'll have some simple beefier velcro straps tied in as extras to secure my reel/rod at more ideal points for actual trolling use etc. To date it was mostly just transporting although I did troll it enjoyable on some lakes without issue.

I'm quite certain I wouldn't want any tube on the inside of my boat, ie. anything more to snag line's. Rear deck and high and outside on pontoons I have lots of room where I do plan to put one or two slotted PVC's. My extra rods I just lash to my rear deck now in their factory tubes. I wouldn't be up for the double reel/rod large case, I only run one rod at a time to date - others I bring are as spares for myself and friends. I could see the dual function drifting some trout systems etc where wet/dry can be back and forth.
I've had several different pontoons and tried several different rod holders For me,this is the best.I sometimes carry several rods and no problems.It's a bike handlebar gun carrier.Just get creative on how and where you attach it.


I borrowed this off of the net somewhere. Cut a piece of ABS or PVC in half and zip tie it to the frame. Then cut a notch out for the reel to sit in and use velcro to hold the rod in place.

I borrowed this off of the net somewhere. Cut a piece of ABS or PVC in half and zip tie it to the frame. Then cut a notch out for the reel to sit in and use velcro to hold the rod in place.

This is what I did to run a river with my rods. On a lake I use the Scotty type rod holders as I don't worry as much about my rod tips running into something. Making the one Jason shows took me about an hour and about 5 or 10 bucks.