Fish Conservation/Charity - Scott E2 3wt For Sale

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As many of us do, I feel compelled to somehow help our PNW fish stocks. It seems clear that most straightforward way to help is to join one or several of the organizations that are doing good work on behalf of the fish. But, also like many of you, I don’t have a lot of money right now..

What I do have is at least one fly rod that I am not using. So I am selling it to whoever submits the highest offer by Sunday night (11/2/08).

100% of the sale price (minus the cost of shipping) will go to fund memberships to the CCA and the Wild Steelhead Coalition for the buyer and myself. Since I assume the strength of the CCA is tied to its membership numbers, rather than strictly to its bank account, I would like to use the remainder of the money to buy memberships for other people who –like me- would like to join, but don’t have the cash, or whatever. If that’s you, just send me a PM with your information (full name, address, phone# and email) and I will fund as many memberships as the sale price allows, in the order the PMs are received.

So dig deep you WFFer’s.. it is a nice rod - and all the money goes to the fish. I know times are tough. I assure you I can’t really afford to give this rod away.. I’m behind on bills and have a car in the shop, but I think in the long run my family and I will be alright - can anyone confidently say the same about the future of our fish?

The rod is a brand new Scott E2 753/4 (4pc. 7.5’ 3wt), with Scott sock and after market tube. These rods retail for $500. If you don't fish smaller streams for smaller fish, I bet you know someone who does - Christmas is right around the corner..

Feel free to post offers on this thread or by PM, whichever you prefer.


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You are very generous by donating the proceeds of this sale to support membership dues to patrons on this forum to the CCA and WSC. In support of this noble cause, I will start the bidding at $100. Much less than the value of this rod or what I would want to give to aid support, but in at least its a start.

Ed Call

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I really don't need another 3wt, but I'll bid $151 (sorry Mike E.) just to get this worthwhile thread back on top. Maybe after this one ends others will consider doing the same with unused rods they have sitting around.
Thanks for all the offers so far!

At this point there is enough for CCA and WSC memberships for myself and the buyer.

Each additional $25 from here on will allow me to add one more CCA membership for a fellow WFFer. So keep the offers coming!

Also, if you'd like to become a CCA member, PM me your info and I'll sign you up as the bidding allows.
Thanks for all the bids/offers so far. I'm going to let this run 'til I get home from work tomorrow (Monday evening).
Alright folks - I'm calling the auction for Mike Etgen. Thanks Mike, and everyone else who made an offer. Also thanks to those who volunteered to be signed up for the CCA. There is still enough for one or two more memberships, so send me a PM if you want in.

Mike - sending you a PM.


Ed Call

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Way to go herl.

Mike, it was all I could do not to offer another "price is right" one dollar over your offer. I sure would have liked to give this rod (or likely my Echo 3wt) to my wife when she retires in a few months. She is willing to learn to fly fish which may be a great thing.

Congrats Mike, you are one lucky B@stard, as I'm sure you know!
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