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I'll put in another vote for the olympus...I have the 790SW...have dropped it several times on rocks, takes great pics with auto settings....underwater shots take some practice but once you get the hang of it they come out great. Have used fresh/salt and snorkelling in Oz with it submerged for extended periods and no problems. I am sue the Pentax is great as well but not sure if it is "shockproof," I am clumsy and drop my gear alot....for me this functionality is key.

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I am sue the Pentax is great as well but not sure if it is "shockproof," I am clumsy and drop my gear alot....for me this functionality is key.
Same here...had the Sony Cybershot (a freebie from work) and dropped it a couple weeks ago. Still works but the viewfinder is T.U. From looking at Pentax vs. Oly, there's no claim from Pentax of theirs being shockproof so I'll assume it isn't. All the other features and pricing look very similar in terms of bang for the buck, so I'm also leaning toward the Oly. Circuit City liquidation anyone? :D

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I was guided this summer by Kelly, the owner of the St Mary's Fly Shop in Kimberly BC. He had a guide who droped a waterproof Olympus camera overboard. It stayed underwater for over a week getting bounced down the bottom of the river until someone else found the camera by accident. Returned to its rightful owner, the camera worked perfectly. Tough camera!

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I went to the Olympus site after reading this thread. I'm about ready to get another digital camera and I think that I have a good choice in that 1030sw. Drop proof, water proof, crush proof. Good to minus 14. You can't even freeze it up.

Just what a flyfisher needs something you can't screw up anymore. A toy that big kids can't even break.



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I've got an Olympus 1030sw and love it. It goes in my pants/shorts pocket when I'm wet wading and I never have to worry about it. I left it out in a complete downpour while backpacking with no worries. It takes great underwater shots and is a great all around point and shoot camera. It also has a great action sequence option for taking a series of fast photos.
I have the Olympus 1050 sw. I love it and would recommend it to anyone except someone who wants a true divers caomera. Small, lightweight, waterproof ~8ft, shock proof, a truely great fishing camera.
Another vote for the Optio, I have the W20 and am hoping Santa might see fit to toss me a w60. With a 4GB memory stick it's 1120 pictures worth of storage - which I've never come close to using - even on an extended trip.

I don't care much for the 3X digital zoom, but that's more of a general statement that covers all the vendors and cameras - rather than an indictment of this camera.
I posted some pix in the gallery of some underwater shots we took at Sea World in San diego. You can see the quality of the underwater mode.


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I recently picked up an Olympus Stylus 850 SW and I am very happy. I am going to HI in two weeks and plan on using while snorkeling, fishing, etc. We'll see how it stands up to a daily dunking in saltwater.
Seems a small handful of us are looking at the 1030. I haven't seen any deals on it after limited surfing.....anyone sees a sub 350 deal on it, put the word here and I'll do same.