Drift Boat for ducks


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I've been wondering if using my drift boat to get to public blinds is a bad idea...more or less for the fact that it is a white hull and gray interior...which could be concealed with a camo tarp of some nature. Picking deeks out of the water could be troublesome with the high sides?

Other than mentioned above, looking like an idiot, does anyone see a problem using a drift boat to hunt ducks?

I've been using my pontoon boat with a camo cover, problem being I can't take decoys, 85 lb. dog and still stay afloat, so 'man's best friend' has been left behind; which kills me.


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take the DB, park it away from the blind and conceal it, and use a boat hook to pick up your deeks if you are worried about the high sides.
some great hunts can be had by floating rivers and getting into oxbows and side sloughs that others cannot.
Go for it.


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Use your boat - as a matter of fact hunt right out of it. Dress a manikin in fishing gear with a fly rod in its hand - half way through the season every duck knows what a duck blind looks like and they flair from them, while fishermen are harmless.

You lay down in the boat. Paint your clothes the color of the boat's bottom. The friggin' ducks will never know what hit them as they fly by. :beer2:

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What kinda water do you cross to get to your blind? Would you row or have a motor for it? Only real downside I could see is if you have to cross any length of open water using oars, the wind, while great for shooting ducks, would wreak havoc on rowing your DB.
I think the DB would work great.
The manikin idea seems over the top. But camo the boat and yourself with a small spread floating along might do the trick.
I've done it and it worked great. My old Lavro had a green interior which helped but we rigged up some 1X1's to support a camo cover. We hunted the columbia river in a location where a motor was not needed, but most DB's can accomodate a motor mount of some sort if needed.


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Awesome that is exactly what I have...a Lavro. I'd be using it to get out on the few public waters near B-ham. Wind I know is a problem at one place, however, not at another, concealment is vice versa though. I should see if I can use my buddy's trolling motor.

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I pack a gun in our driftboat when salmon and steelheading and have shot some. Definetly use a driftboat, no reason not to.

I took a guided DB trip on the Rogue river and the guide carried his 870 as it was opening day for geese.
We floated right up to a flock of two dozen geese and the guide took his limit.
We were in our salmon fishing camo. Dumb geese, I figure. I bet those geese won't let a DB float up to them any more.
Two limits of salmon and a limit of geese not a bad day at all.
:)Been there on trying to use a pontoon for duck hunting. A few years back Outcast came out with a camo pontoon for duck hunting, including a platform for your dog. Of course I bought one. However, after calculating my weight, my 80 lb. retreiver, shotgun, shells, decoys and miscellaneous gear, I was perilously close to the 250 lb. max. limit for the pontoon. The thought of venturing out in the darkness in an overloaded boat with a dog anxious to leap off at the first excuse was more than I wanted to take on.

A drift boat sounds like a much better alternative. I bought some hemp camo from and Outdoor Emporuim and cover my 16' Smokercraft, works great.