Any recent Lenice reports?

Hi Liveblues,
Was that 16-20 fish or some fish 16 to 20 inches. I think I'm going tomorrow.

Ps: are you a blues player? what instrument?



~El Pescador
will be there next Saturday for my last trip of the season.
Looking forward to seeing reports.


Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Didn't hit Lenice but I did fish Nunnally on Sat. and for a bit on Sunday. Fish were very cooperative - Sat. 25 to 30 to hand and misssed a few. Most were in the 16-18" range and one larger one of about 20". Sunday was pretty much a repeat but I only fishined until about 1000, with 12 to hand. It was cold but the lack of wind made the weather perfect! A few others at the lake on Sat. and one other on Sunday.

Hope others did well.