Does anybody know of any good winter trout locales, specifically in King county? I'm hoping to try out my new sinking line, but i don't want to go all the way up to Pass or Lone. I was looking into Beaver, Alice, and Angle lakes, maybe? Any ideas?

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Well, of your list, I prefer Alice. don't go much past the floating dock on the south side unless you really want to fish the shallows. I have had my best luck fishing off the only point sticking into the lake.

But really if you want to fly fish lakes, check your maps, get a copy of Stan Jones' old fishing guides, and use your copy of the regs to divine places to check out. Trust me, there will not be many people, most don't want to work that hard. Oh, and have a boat or float tube., but I consider that my canoe is optimal.

Other options include Lost Lake up in Snoqualmie Pass ( I doubt its frozen yet), Sammamish and Washington currently have trout in 10-20' of water. My buddy just saw some shots of 18-24" cutts taken on fly rods in Washington. Fish the mouths of creeks all winter. In Snohomish County Kellogg and (Little) Cavanaugh can be good. Little Cavanaugh is a sunken peat bog, use a boat, not a tube, you will be in mud all the time in a tube.

While I might be found on any of these lakes, its more likely that I will be scouring the map for a little known way in to a little known lake. Or fishing the big ones of a big cutt.

Lake Sawyer in Maple Valley, and Lake Fenwick in Fedral Way both open year around I believe. They usually have descent trout. I think Shadow lake and Lake Meridian are open also, but I'm not positive.