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Here is what I have been using the past 23 years or so, that's half my life Yikes! I used a typewriter table/stand on wheels, now would be a computer stand, along with shelves and holders made out of pine and 3/8" dowels. Used brass cup hooks and l hooks for tool holders, magnets and eyebolts also. Epoxy dryer is a barbeque rottiserie motor conversion and has been working probably 12-15 years. A garage sale dresser and drawer unit finishes it off.


Ed Call

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onlyflyfish4vr, that is a lot of stuff in a small space and is actually very neat and orderly. Next time you are out west of Seattle maybe I can enlist your organizational services in my pile of mess. Looks good and has proven track record of 23 years!
Thanks to everyone for sharing their ideas and personal benches. Really appreciate it! I'll be looking for some of those dental drawers for sure...

onlyflyfish4vr - great looking bench!
My grandfather does woodwork, so I drew up some plans and he did this for me out of oak from our property.

I like the surface space to work with. I'm a bit claustrophobic in my tying and like the room.

Storage is on the walls...


I like it a lot! Being something of a wood butcher myself, I may be borrowing some .... okay, most of your ideas. Unfortunately I don't have any oak on the property, but my buddy just cut down a black walnut. I may "borrow" some of his wood.