Family is heading to the island for the holiday weekend. Rented a beach house near point robinson on SE Maury. Any tips are appreciated, as I am pretty new to salty flyfishing! Great board, good info!

A pretty well know place to fish is right at the light house itself. Like any place it can be good one day and cold the next. If you fish the North East side of the point there are lots of flounder if nothing else is biting. The flounder seem to like a close to the bottom jigging motion. If you fish the point there is a pretty good size drop off and a full sink line is ofter best there in order to get through the current rips.
Good luck
thx for the info did pretty well in hooking them though not so well landing em! Not much luck at point Robinson but the silvers are voracious in front of the beach house. High tide, low tide, in between- very fun. Nothing huge but definitely spunky.