Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

I got back about noon yesterday.Santiago is a great city with a river that runs through it.Had I wanted to fish for human waste while standing in human waste it would have been fantastic.Sadly the nearest place to fish was about a four hour drive and there was just no way to break away from wedding and family obligations.I did however get to see the more than 200,000 stray dogs of santiago or Chile dogs as I called them.Insert rimshot here.No fishing but still a great trip.Fill you guys in on all the details next time I see ya'll at Al's.

Pics of graffiti and pelicans in Val Paraiso,the artery packing national dish,lots of wine and a few night time pics off the veranda at the house we stayed in
Yeah...about that. Must have forgot the camera again, or the batteries were dead. Oh, actually I left my memory card in the truck.

All joking aside, I lost my skagit head on the Sauk after I got a gnarly grab from a steelhead...but that may have all been before you left for Chile...tha e last few weeks have been a blur.
Right on Eric,

I also am in need of :beer1:, it has been a rough last few days with work. Hopefully I'll be there around 6-6:30ish.

Who else is going to make it to Al's tonight?