Pass lake frozen?

Is pass lake fishable right now, or is it frozen over? I havn't been able to get out (can't drive yet), and the floods are making it hard to find a place to fish around here.:hmmm:

Scott Salzer

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What Alpintrout wrote....

Gonna take an awfully long real cold spell to be freezin up lakes on the wet side. Not even freezin up on the dry side.


Kent Lufkin

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That means no right?:hmmm:
Yesterday some friends and I hiked up to this Cascade lake situated just below 3,000 feet and watched plenty of little fish rising. If a lake that high isn't frozen, one at just over sea level sure as heck isn't gonna be.


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I believe that 95% of the lakes in Montana have a good covering of ice by now. But in my area we sit at about 5000'. :rofl::rofl:



Idiot Savant
It's not frozen but it was fishing damned slow on Saturday. Scott and I met up there and dragged bugs all over, mostly to no avail. I'm not sure how he did after lunch (BTW Scott, thanks again for the great hot bratwurst) but I think we were tied at one each for four hours of fishing. It drizzled most of the morning with an honest sprinkle once in a while, but no where near freezing...:clown:


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Having grown up on Fidalgo island, I can tell you that the lakes there freeze once every 5 years or so. And even then, it's rare that they freeze completely. And even when they freeze completely, it's really rare that they freeze for any length of time. In 32 years, I can only remember a couple winters where the lakes froze enough for us to walk out on the ice or ice skate. And within a week, that ice was gone.

The west side just doesn't get that extended cold weather that lets stuff freeze.

Ethan G.

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Last year I recall people reporting Pass freezing over at least partially. During the same cold snap my local lake was completely under 3"+ of ice. It was pretty weird. That said, I've never seen that any other time in my entire life living in western Washington.
if only it would effing snow in the passes :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:

me want snowboard???