New NRS Frameless Pontoon Boat

In the just published Fly Rod Reel Magazine, on page 61, there is a sweet looking
new frameless pontoon boat built by NRS called the GigBob. Have any of you seen
this boat? It looks like it might be a decent alternative to a watermaster. I've been
saving up to get a Watermaster or Pontoon boat and this new design looks like
it might be a good way to go.

CUT/PASTE from FRR mag

GigBob Pontoon Boat
This is the first truly practical frameless pontoon boat I’ve seen. A drop-stitch construction on the inflatable 8-foot tubes and the overlaid deck allow for over 6 pounds of air pressure, which in turn gives remarkable rigidity to this boat. The rear deck provides 15 square feet of storage area and is so firm that you can stand on it. The pontoons are wide and flat for a big, stable footprint that draws less water than conventional round tubes. Oar locks are mounted on aluminum plates for a non-flexing rowing platform. The whole boat feels as stiff and solid as a framed pontoon boat, but weighs 20 to 25 percent less. The boat, oars, seat with storage pocket, two side-mounted tackle bags and stripping apron pack down into a carry bag (included) that measures only 25-by-21-by10 inches. The whole show weighs 48 pounds and runs $1,595. An anchor system and other options are also available. —T.L.

I went onto their site but couldn't find anything. Did any of you go to the colorado show and see this????



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I bet you'd use the carrying bag once...from store to home...cause you'd never be able to refold and stuff the toon and all the additional "stuff" as tight as the mfr! :clown:

Looks cool thing nice about framed toons is the ability to strap, attach, fix, modify, etc. your toon. Also 1600 is alot of cash for a toon IMO!
I know a bit about the Gig Bob. My brother-in-law in Boise did the beta testing of the prototype for NRS, using it on various rivers over the course of a year (no still water that I know of). He used the prototype on muti-day trips through lots of class IV water, and his opinion is that it is the best boat he's ever used. He gave regular feedback to NRS after each use, and they incoroporated his suggestions in the final product, such as the indentation for the seat on the "frame" inflatable section to lower the seating position for easier finning, and better footpegs. One of the biggest advantages is the portability- he can put the whole boat in the trunk of his civic with room for lots of other gear. I saw the prototype and was amazed how stiff the frame section was. Even the prototype seems to be extremely well made, and handled gear for a week long trip. On some of the more serious water, several other boats (Scaddon, Outcast) blew pontoons on rocks, and my brother-in-law said the Gig Bob seems to hold up extremely well, and that the inflatable frame made him feel more secure if a pontoon should go. The seat and oarlocks are easily adjustable, and the whole frame is a deck with multiple tie down points.
I'm looking to buy a boat and am considering the Gig Bob, although the price does seem a bit steep for me as well. Compared to some of the higher end boats out there, its not completely out of line, and my brother in law feels it's a boat that would last as long as anything you can buy, and for his purposes, it has advantages that no other boat offers.

I hope that helps a bit-