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Ed Call

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Here is a suggestion...tie tonight with your headlamp on. Maybe your very observant wife will notice and Santa Claus will surprise you with a true spectrum lamp!
Well, I mentioned the lamp to the wif "can it wait until next week" was her reply. I guess I should just go out and get one and then beg for forgivness.:hmmm:

Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
So, alls I gotta do is leave some tying crap on the kitchen table and I will score a tying desk like that!!!!!!! Dude, I'm all over that !!!:thumb:
Nice outfit man!

Ed Call

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Tim, are you sure that you are interpreting "can it wait until next week" properly? How many more shopping days until Christmas? Maybe she is thinking deeper than you think. My wife is always furious this time of the year when I get myself things. She would rather just ask me straight out what I want and go get it rather than me get something for myself. Just a thought. The location where your desk is has enough light...for a week or two...doesn't it? Besides, like FDC just posted, a coupon to JoAnn's can be the ticket...store sales down, discounts on the rise...properly presented fly tyer casts his dollars to that rise and BAM, flytyinglamp ON!
"Yep I was just looking at that. I might have to show that to the wife."

Mine borrows the light when she sews. She loves it and never "crabbed" at me for buying "some more fly fishing crap".