There are Thieves in them thare woods.


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How about letting us know whats been taken.There's alot of eyes out here and perhaps they'll try and sell them to one of us.
yup. Bump that idea! let's set up a SpeySting for the rat bastards.

I also like the idea of spraypainting the rods hot pink with that surveyor's paint.
I used to do that with my tools and they never got stolen off a jobsite...course a couple times I was tempted to leave them there....

sucks, Aaron. just Sucks man. bad to hear, but thanks for the headsup.


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Man mercy to the shit rat that gets caught....

Some people just don't get the idea that the shit isn't free and some one bears the cost of putting the stuff out there to try out. If this happens too often we will all lose out in the end.

I just cant stand thieves. I am a contract carpenter and couldn't tell you how often someone decided they needed my tools more than me. But to steal a rod/setup that was put out for people to try out...that is the lowest of low....


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Well I went out today on the Skagit for a bit to test run a new rod. This being a Thursday, clear skies, clear waters, need rain to bring fish in, I wasn't expecting much yet the river was........crowded as *uck with fly fishermen and especially spey fishermen.

It is hitting the point of unbelievable the amount of people I see out there. Weekdays are crowded when there aren't really any fish in.....WTF?!?! I shudder to think how many anglers will be on the Skagit in March/April 2009. It will be all out fucking war. I thought last year was bad......

To say this spey this is extremely popular is an understatement; it is the hottest shit since the slinky. It does not surprise me at all that someone interested in spey fishing would secretly be a scum of the earth selfish POS thief.

To all you people moving out here, especially the fucking spey-thieves, move to Oregon dammit! The fishing isn't like here where we are practicing over half the time plus it rains less and is warmer in the summer.

*If I get asked the question, "Get any tugs?" one more time I will explode.*
Got any tugs?!? :clown:

Honestly, we need more people to join in on this fine sport, imho. Some ettiquette would be nice though, but I'm sure you can find some water with fewer people on it if you look hard enough. Usually if I see more than a car or two, I just move on to somewhere else.

Aaron, sorry for your losses. They really are the low of the lowest, if they're stealing from guys like you, Mike K. and anyone who puts on these great events and weekend sessions. We'll just have to take turns watching the racks and keeping an eye on gear for you at the river.


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I feel sorry for Aaron. He is one very nice special person. He bends over backward for anybody who wants to learn how to Spey flyfish. For the yahoo's that steal from him they should be lined up against the wall and everybody take a shot at them or caned with the tip of a spey rod.

I hate thieves. They rob you of what you worked so hard to get. I know as I have been down that road.

Aaron, I believe that you should post a listing of the missing items. I frequent ebay and craigslist and that is where a lot of stuff is fenced.
Karma will catch up with these people now or later!
Thanks for all of your help!

You are soooo generous with your time and equipment, it is doublely wrong that you have been victimized by some scoflaw who has benefited from your free Saturday classes.

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Aaron, I've not yet had the priveledge to meet you or enjoy a day on the river. That being said, I've had gear and fly rods stolen, snowboards stolen, bikes stolen and miscellaneous gear stolen. Theives are the worst kind of person because they live their lives under false impressions and have a terrible character flaw.

If you are a thief and you are reading this. You are a bastard, a low life, stinking rat bastard and it is up to you to change. If you won't change then it is up to us to catch your rat bastard ass and put you in the clink where you deserve to be. If you are a thief and you don't like the way I'm typing to your sorry ass, send me a PM and maybe we can meet and discuss it further. I'm no badass, but I'm a man of character and that is all I need to be.

Aaron, sorry again for your being victimized by those that you are trying to help find the right rod, reel and line fit to save them money in experimenting on their own. To all the other honest, hard working, good natured and quality charcter people reading this, sorry for my rant.
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I want to thank every body for the well thought out response to this post.
First I know that you do not want here a full autobiography of the rods and reel, which have been stolen. It is enough to know there have been 9 reels and 8 rods.
I made the post out of anger for this I do apologize.
In one short month I had Sage Z-Axis 7136 (which I bought back from a lad who had lost his job and being uses I could not sell it for a new rod so it went on the TryRack) it was ripped off before the cork had gotten warn and my old Demo Z-Axis 7136 is still on the TryRack.
The second one in that month hurt, it was an Old Model Lampson Spey reel, which was new in the box (I had just bought from a friend of mine that needed money) with Carron 11/12 75 ft, Floater on it.
We did not even get a chance to cast the Carron.
I know one thing the person who did this last theft is sharp.
He is either a well educated in fly-fishing or what is called a shopper.
Some on who is a professional shopper is a thief who steals things that are requested.
So I know whom ever is doing is this sharp.
The Sage rod did not have Demo on it so it would be hard to trace.

How many people know what a Carron line is
The length of line is long enough so in the past I put them on high end reels and of the 9 reels I have had stolen 4 have had Carron’s on them.

I guess what I am saying is to be present and ever so mindful of what is going on.
One of my very good friends goes to the Sandy every year and when he sees some one that looks as he says “out of bounds” he will merely go up and ask how they like the XYZ rod and what Line hand the owner recommended for it.
Does he think he ever stopped any one from thievery?
He does not know.
But the person who had the rod knows that some knew he and it and where it had came from.
I will be discussing this and other issues at the first Day On River Round Table. This January that is scheduled for the Friday night following the second Monday of each month at 6:30 to 9:30 P.M..
Aaron, At golf proshops they wrap the shafts of the store demo clubs with yellow electrical tape. It is done in a spiral for a foot or so so it is easily seen. This would give us a quick and easy way to determine if the rod is yours or not. Here is a link to a tape store that sells many styles and patterns. You could also apply some of your shrink wrap over the cork on the rods.
Fishing stores add a zip tie in a figure 8 to keep the reels from being removed.
It makes me sad to think you need to do this but I guess the river is part the real world.
Shitty! In today’s society an honor system is hard to find… Thanks Aarron for your generosity with this program.

Maybe one of the expert casters should stand at the ready with some T-14 and a cone head ready to fly…
I can not imagine how anyone could enjoy fishing with such ill gotten equipment. Whoever is behind this must be turning it over on flea bay. Which would qualify them as a professional thief. Sad.
Hey Aaron, why don't you post a list of the gear that was stolen? I am always checking Craigslist for stuff and if I see anything suspicious I could let you know.
As Promised Here is the List
The List
Rods Newest to Oldest
1. Sage Z-Axis 7136
2. Sage 9141
3. Sage 8136
4. Sage 9140 Green
5. Loop 8130 Gray
6. Loop 10150 Blue
7. CND Solstice 13’4’ 7/8
8. CND Custom 9140 Reels
The reels
1. Lampson Old model Spey reel Carron 11/12
2. Mt Rainier 4 Raised pillar reel Carron 11/12 85 ft.
3. Goldenwitch 56 SN 2 Carron Trout line 8wt
4. Goldenwitch 56 SN 8 Carron Trout line 6wt
5. Guide Line Reelmaster 9/11 and Guidel Line Power taper 7/8
6. Black Redington 10/11 AL and Mid Spey 9/10
7. Black Redington 10/11 AL and XLT 8/9
8. Gold Redington 11/12 AS and New Grandspey 9/10
9. Gold Redington 10/11 AS and CND Custom line bu

This list goes back for 5 years.
I would like to thank all of you for the e-mail suggestion and found some of them quite amusing
The Battery and Battery calbe was rather unique know what a Scottman wears under his kilt.
The cattle prod handle has defiant possibly but first we would have to catch them.
The sniper across the river with the Barrette Light 50 has a good chance of working but I think I would soil my SIMMs when the gun went off.